Thursday, May 4, 2017

Truth or Dare, The Goriest Game on the Internet

The blood and guts, and maybe an eyeball, flow in this say the least.  What is the worst deed you have ever undertaken?  Would you admit it in a game of Truth or Dare?  Probably not. After all, who would know?  You got away with it right?  Right!  Unless Derik shows up.  Who is Derik?  A psycho?  Maybe.  Judgment personified?  Now we're talking.  Or maybe that part of our own subconscious that yearns to confess our deepest darkest secrets, no matter how taboo.  2013's "Truth or Dare," starring, directed, and produced by the multi-talented Jessica Cameron is our feature today. Warning...the truth can be ugly...disgusting...and quite gory.
What a bunch of playful college kids.  The Truth or Daredevils. These great looking twenty-somethings put out a live internet program, loosely based on the risque parlor game Truth or Dare.  The program is quite scary, seemingly capturing some very violent and fatal instances.  No worries, everyone is all right after each episode.  Enter Derik (Ryan Kiser).  Our psycho. Intruding into our daredevils game, he is a purist at heart.  The games will now be real.  Heavily armed and prepared for blood and guts, he takes out the game's leader (Jesse Wilson), and starts calling shots (literally and figuratively).
Our playful peeps are now violated, butchered, tortured, and humiliated. Derik knows them all too well.  When he forces them to play Truth or Dare, he skips the obligatory "Who do you have a crush on" queries and hits them with questions that force his captives to reveal the darkest aspects of who they are. Jennifer (Cameron) seems to fare the best...but just wait.  The sultry Courtney (Devanny Pinn) will endure a fate far worse than death.  The secrets revealed during the truths, and the deeds committed during dares, may have you asking if psycho Derik is a mere manifestation of the true selves of his victims.  Warning.  The gore will be thrown at you pretty quickly, and just when you think that it cannot get any gorier than the past'll be very wrong.
What is taboo in a horror film?  Jessica Cameron isn't concerned with that question as she shatters the taboo.  Perhaps the ultimate horror isn't in the blood and guts, but a reality that we all avoid thinking about.  What if we all got what we deserved?  Think about it, especially when you watch "Truth or Dare."  What if judgment awaits us before we reach the pearly gates?  What do we deserve?  Are you sure no one knows what you did back in 1997?  Perhaps.  This film is finely acted, and high on energy.  Whether a good old fashioned psycho horror story, or a pertinent warning to us impure souls, "Truth or Dare" is a must see.


  1. Holy crap! I hope no one knows what I did in 1997, Christopher! This movie looks like something I need to take in. I have been in the mood for a non watered down gore fest and this just might fit the bill. Thanks for the great review!

    1. Fasten your seatbelts very tightly if you weatch it!!! LOL

  2. I feel bad I have not been able to see this feature from Jessica Cameron, even though I have interviewed her twice. Have you subscribed to her Youtube show Scream Queen Stream. I highly recommend it. I hope to be able to rent this some day

  3. Jessica OWNS SO MUCH!!! Not only a very talented director but also a KICK ASS actress!!! LOVE HER!!!