Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Massacre in Dinosaur Valley, Cannibal Sexploitation from Italy

In the interest of good taste, we will not mention the gratuitous acts of exploitation of 1985's "Massacre in Dinosaur Valley" {GRATUITOUS LESBIAN RAPE} except in a subliminal sense. Sure, this Italian film, shot in Brazil, has plenty of gore, nudity, and pre-marital sex {GRATUITOUS NUDE SHOWER SCENE} to fill 90 minutes, but the subtleties of the plot are what we are looking for.  Cannibalism, super models in great peril, nubile young ladies at the mercy of whoever comes along, and jungle carnage will float our boats today.
Supermodels in a plane crash
A professor and his sultry daughter Eva (Suzane Carvalho) land in Brazil to grab another flight to Dinosaur Valley to study fossils {GRATUITOUS GROPING OF A SUPER-MODEL}. Also arriving is Kevin, a paleontologist and major league hunk. After Kevin gets a nice long look at Eva naked in the shower, the sexual tension between them increases. Also grabbing the connecting flight are an ex-Green Beret (Milton Rodriguez) and his grouchy {WET T-SHIRT GRATUITY} has-been wife (Marta Anderson). Oh yes, Monica (Maria Reis) and Belinda (Susan Hahn) are two fashion models.  After saving Monica from a groper, Kevin earns some passionate sex with her {GRATUITOUS BAR ROOM FIGHT}.
Kevin, Eva, and Belinda
  The flight takes off and crashes in Dinosaur Valley. {PRE-MARITAL SEX IN DINOSAUR FOOTPRINTS}.  Sadly, Monica dies on impact.  {GRATUITOUS SUPER-MODEL CROTCH SHOT}. The Green Beret takes command and is incompetent. {MACHETE CARNAGE}  Betty will get eaten by leeches and drown in quicksand, and the cannibals begin hunting down the survivors.  Kevin and Eva continue to bond and kiss a lot and have pre-marital sex. {HEADS ON SPIKES CARNAGE}. The cannibals capture Eva and Belinda and strip them, but Kevin saves them. Escaping from cannibals doesn't solve their problems as they are then captured by some psycho miners, and that is where our surviving supermodel is lesbian raped. {BIG SNAKE CARNAGE}.
Belinda's rape
 Can Kevin save the gals this time? Will Belinda survive being the girl-toy of a psycho jungle lesbian?  {MORE GRATUITOUS PRE-MARITAL SEX}. The cast is very good-looking and usually nude and the gore is flowing.  "Massacre in Dinosaur Valley" will please Italian horror fans, drive-in movie fans, exploitation film fans, and of course horror {HUMAN HEART EATING CANNIBAL CARNAGE} fans. Directed by Michele Massimo Tarantini, don't miss this one. Warning...keep in mind...this will be one of those films you should not discuss in mixed company.


  1. I am thinking this is a film that shouldn't be discussed in any company,Christopher. The best part of this review was your screen descriptions on carnage, rape, groping, etc. This feels like one of those poorly dubbed films that you see late at night. I would probably laugh quite a bit at this flick.

  2. I absolutely love Massacre in Dino Valley- within the first 20 minutes we're treated to a bar fight, full frontal AND a plane crash! Love how it does a u-turn plotwise too in the second half. Great review & glad you liked this one, seems one of the more overlooked Italian exploitationers.