Sunday, May 28, 2017

Sumuru, Spacebabes Galore!

Metal bra...feather bra...Sumuru! The lovely Alexandra Kamp has the title role in 2003's "Sumuru." You remember this sultry actress. Ms. Kamp was the scientist eaten by Antarctic bugs while taking an aroma bath in Ice Crawlers . In today's feature, she is queen of the space babes in much peril from a very buxom rival...and a dying planet. As exploitation goes, this one is a perfect ten with dozens of scantily clad soldier babes meeting their demise leading up to a galactic cat-fight between Sumuru and her Rhona Mitra look-a-like rival.
The vulnerable and nubile Sumuru
Major league hunk Adam (Michael Shanks) and his sidekick Jake (Terence Bridgett) crash land on Antares.  Bad news...seismic activity indicates the planet will blow up soon.  Good news...the orb is populated by thousands of sultry babes in metal teddies and all carrying weapons. Sumuru is Queen of Antares and as Adam first stumbles upon her, she is supervising a sacrifice to a giant snake (double entendre? Never mind). Also present at this ritual is the Godess Taxan (Simona Williams), the aforementioned Rhona Mitra clone.  The two beauties obviously hate each other, and Taxan believes she should be the queen.  Women!
Taxan and Sumuru
Taxan wants all men enslaved, while Sumuru is attracted to the hunk. The two ladies engage in war and Taxan takes the early advantage by murdering all Sumuru's beautiful guards. Sumuru is up...she returns, beats up Taxan and runs off with Adam.  Adam tells Sumuru that the planet is about to blow, and Sumuru knows where there is a ship.  As Sumuru, Adam, and Jake seek to free the men from slave labor and reach the ship, a humiliated Taxan, and her babe squad, pursue.  Much warfare will ensue and the beautiful will die horribly in conflict.  Of course, no surprise here, Sumuru and Taxan will have one more erotic cat-fight.
Sumuru and Adam
Why exactly did Adam and Jake come to this dying planet? Will Sumuru and Adam engage in pre-marital sex? Is the big snake a metaphor, never mind. Will Adam and Jake be able to save all the surviving beauties of Antares?  Directed by Darrel Roodt, and based on Sax Rohmer's cult novels, "Sumuru" is  must see for exploitation/scifi fans.  Lots of cheesecake for the guys, and beefcake for the gals, this one will please everyone.


  1. Michael Shanks from SG-1. You know if you are ever going to crash on a planet, make sure it is the one populated by buxom babes. SCORE! This is probably one of those late night movies that feels like it should be on Skinamax. I would probably end up watching it. Good review, Christopher.

  2. This sounds right up my alley, thanks for they heads up, never even heard of it and NEED to get to the bottom of that big snake metaphor!
    Cheers for the review Christopher will defo check this out. :)

  3. Lol I just realised this is adapted from Sax Rohmer, of Fu Manchu fame, this gets it even more cool points!