Thursday, May 11, 2017

Escape from Galaxy 3, Sequel to Starcrash

I bet you didn't know "Starcrash" has a sequel.  Sometimes titled "Starcrash 2," 1981's "Escape from Galaxy 3" isn't really a sequel.  Sure Belle Star is in this (played by Sherry Buchanan), and so is a Marjoe Gortner clone (Fausto Di Bella), but this movie more resembles a porn film than a cheesy scifi offering.  Made in Italy, this Italian rip-off chronicles the conversion of a major league spacebabe into a major league space nymphomaniac.
Oraclon (Don Powell), an evil warlord, destroys King Ceylon's (Chris Avram) peaceful star-ship. The Princess Belle Star (Buchanan) and Captain Lithan (Di Bella) escape in a shuttle and find refuge on an Earth-like planet.  Hiding from the pursuing evil warlord, Belle and Lithan are strangers in paradise.  By the way, did I mention Belle's leotard?  Quite stunning...half nude with starfish embroidery covering up her private parts...worth the price of admission.  Yeah, yeah...back to the plot. The people of the planet initially fear Belle and Lithan as they seem to have supernatural powers.  They warm up to our great looking duo and, in their primitive ways, have a lot to teach their new friends.  Like what?  Sexual intercourse!  These primitive people do it all the time, but Belle and Lithan have no knowledge of it.
After a gratuitous nude waterfall shower and swimming scene, one of the primitives makes his move on the naked and nubile Belle.  Pre-marital sex follows.  Belle exchanges her leotard for a most revealing toga like thing.  Belle tries to teach Lithan about sexual intercourse.  First she tries to seduce him, then has some of the primitive babes try.  Then she demonstrates by having more pre-marital sex with primitive men.  Uh oh...Oraclon has found them.  As Lithan finally gets it, and engages in the dirty deed with Belle, the evil warlord begins his attack.  Belle has an idea.  With her new power of seduction and sex, she feels equipped to face off against Oraclon.
Will our space-nympho succeed in disarming the strapping Oraclon.  Will Belle shelve all her primitive suitors and give herself exclusively to the Marjoe Gortner look-a-like? There are space-ship battles, laser battles, and planets exploding, but "Escape from Galaxy 3" is really a soft-core porn film of the Italian variety.  Lots of nudity and seduction will guide you through an epic space saga which is a lot more fun than the preachy and stuffy "Star Wars" franchise.


  1. Wow! The key to solving every crisis is nudity and seduction. The one cat looks like Chris Sarandon's evil Italian twin. I would probably laugh so much during this flick. Good review, Christopher!

  2. Omfg there's a SEQUEL to STARCRASH even if it is titular only?! Why am I only hearing about this now?! Great review but tbh woulda been sold on the news alone that there's a frickin' sequel to Starcrash lol. Gotta love the guy in your pic too who KINDA looks like but isn't The Hoff. :D Thanks for the ehads up & review good sir, defo gonna seek this one out. :)

  3. This was a cool flick, and you are correct when you said most people didn't know Starcrash had a sequel.

  4. OK I gata see this one.