Saturday, October 22, 2016

Zeder, Pet Sematary Italian Style

Hundreds of millions of people die each year.  Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could bring them all back?  Okay, maybe not.  Whenever the dead return, carnage follows.  Still, we have to love all those scientists, who without government grants, figure out ways to bring back our dearly departed. In 1983's "Zeder" (aka "Revenge of the Dead") a scientific team joins forces with some fallen clergy and academia to do just that.
Stafano (Gabriele Lavia), a writer and first class schmuck gets an anniversary gift from his lovely wife, Alessandra (Anne Canovas).  Alessandra is beautiful and pure, and since this is an Italian horror film, has "I WILL DIE A HORRIBLE DEATH" emanating from her every movement. An electric typewriter.....used (they are on a tight budget).  Stefano quickly needs to replace the ribbon and examines the words typed from the old ribbon.  Wouldn't you know it...the typewriter's previous owner wrote a lot about bringing back the dead and certain grounds that were fertile for doing this.  Now Stefano has inspiration for his new book and begins investigating....big mistake.  He traces the typewriter to a defrocked priest, who appears to be deceased.  His investigations captures the attention of some very weird people.
Stefano finds out that experiments in 1956 by Paolo Zeder reveal that certain K-Zones exist which are special places in Europe where corpses can return to life.  Stefano grabs the naive, and stunning Alessandra and heads to Chartres, France to the place where these 1956 experiments took place. Uh oh, the experiments did not end in 1956 and the scientists don't want anyone snooping on them.  As ghouls come to life in a homicidal fashion, Stefano gets too close for his own good.  Science meets the occult and what happens next will make Stefano wish his wife gave him a necktie for their anniversary.
Will the gorgeous and nubile Alessandra survive her husband's demented curiosity?  Sadly, that question is an easy one to answer.  Is Paolo Zeder dead?  To what end is our team of scientists and weirdos bringing back the dead?  Fans of Stephen King's Pet Sematary will figure out where this one is going.  For some ominous and grim Italian horror, directed by Pupi Avati, see "Zeder" which is available on YouTube as "Revenge of the Dead."

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