Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Syngenor, The Monster Soldier

The last time this blog featured the beautiful Starr Andreeff, she was raped by a gargoyle creature and killed when the gargoyle spawn exploded out of her belly.  Roger Corman did not, I'm afraid, give her a dignified demise, see my review of The Terror Within .  In 1990's "Syngenor," Mr. Corman was not associated with this production, but fierce gargoyle type creatures still pursue Ms. Andreeff.  Will she emerge from this film with virtue, and unsoiled by creatures?
Norton Cyberdine (NC), a defense contractor, has produced the ultimate weapon to replace humans on the battlefield, the Synthesized Genetic Organism (Syngenor).  An evil, but sultry executive, Paula (Riva Spier) conspires to set one loose on Los Angeles in order to prove they are ready.  This first Syngenor takes apart a couple of skanks and NC's public affairs director before murdering it's creator. When it kills it's creating scientist, his niece Susan (Andreeff) manages to escape the attack. The NC CEO, Carter Brown (David Gale), who is an addict, and quite insane, then plots with Paula to release all the Syngenors.  The lovely Susan teams up with a reporter, Nick (Mitchell Laurance) to find out why her uncle was killed.  These two will fall in love and have pre-marital sex.
As the slimy soldiers of the future wreak havoc on NC personnel, Paula makes a play on Brown for control of of the company.  However scheming and seductive Paula is, she doesn't figure on Brown's growing insanity.  As Susan and Nick penetrate NC space they witness unspeakable horror as the Syngenors shred some pretty young receptionists (including William Shatner's daughter) and the NC security force on their way to the L.A. streets.
Can Nick and Susan stop the fighting machine of the 21st century?  Will a Syngenor also have pre-marital sex with the lovely Susan? What does the femme fatale Paula have in mind for NC, Brown, and the Syngenors? The ending will be a wild one and Brown's decreasing hold on reality will add to the gore and carnage.  Good luck finding "Syngenor," as I had to order the DVD, which was reasonably priced on Amazon.  You'll have to watch the entire film, as I won't tell you if the perky and nubile Susan is impregnated by one of the fiends.

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