Monday, October 10, 2016

The Nurse, Beautiful...Exotic...Deadly

Janet Gunn was a stewardess for almost seven years and also our favorite Dallas Cowboy Cheerleader. In 1991 she portrayed Cassie, the most sultry police detective ever on TV, in USA Networks "Silk Stalkings." In 1997 Ms. Gunn starred in "The Nurse" as a stunning damsel stalked by the beautiful but deadly nurse played by Lisa Zane.  Perhaps a minor thriller, but with the promise of a cat-fight between these two beauties....well...."The Nurse" has merit.
Stressed out Nurse Laura (Zane) has had a bad day and it's about to get worse. Her dad blows his own brains out, but not before murdering Laura's mother and brother.  Laura blames Bob Martin (Michael Fairman) for this as he heads a defense company which left Laura's dad out to dry to be prosecuted. Uh oh...Bob doesn't take the news of the tragedy well and has a stroke rendering him completely paralyzed and unable to communicate.  Bob is totally aware of what is going on around him and will require 24 hour care by a live-in nurse.  The psycho opportunist that she is, Laura murders Bob's nurse, finds a new identity and gets herself hired by the Martins' to care for Bob around the clock.
The Martins' are captivated by Laura, especially Bob's very handsome son Jack (John Stockwell).  As Laura taunts Bob about how she will kill his family members one by one, she beds Jack.  Oh yeah...Jack's soon to be ex wife, the very pretty Brooke (Sherrie Rose)?  Laura guns her down. The only obstacle Laura has is Bob's lovely daughter Karen (Gunn).  She is suspicious of Laura from the outset.  Karen jogs a lot and twice jogged up on Laura just after she committed homicide.  With the sweaty but fit Karen suspicious and beginning to check Laura's resume, our psycho begins her carnage on the Martin family.
Will Karen figure out who Laura really is in time to save her dad and brother? Does Bob have any moves left which could alert his family of their impending doom?  Who would you wager on in the exciting Karen vs. Laura cat-fight (...I won't tell you which one has the big knife and which one has the gun).  With a great looking cast and a fair amount of carnage, "The Nurse" is a nice thriller available on YouTube.

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