Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Fatal Pulse, A Sorority's Bloody Demise

At AOK sorority, not all is a-okay.  True, we will not find a sorority with better looking coeds, but by the end of 1988's "Fatal Pulse" most of them will be corpses.  The demise of sorority sisters is a popular theme on this blog.  Not even the caped Captain Marvelous can save some pretty young ladies (you won't believe this plot twist).  In fairness, these ladies exhibit serious judgment issues beyond engaging in pre-marital sex, and our slasher has an easy time of his pursuit.
The sultry, white lingerie clad Stephanie's(Kitty) attempt to seduce Jeff (Ken Roberts) is rejected, as he wants his ex-GF back.  Our seductress is then strangled with her own silk stocking and her dead body is raped.  So our film opens.  Jeff, who is creepy, is our main suspect.  Lisa (Michelle McCormick), who is a beauty, is the ex-GF.  Stephanie's demise has all the gals at AOK a bit tense, but not too tense.  Carol (Sky Nicholas) will be the next to fall, as her throat is cut by the shard of a record. As Jeff continues to emerge as either a homicidal psycho, or at least a full fledged creep, Lisa takes him back and they engage in pre-marital sex.  Then Sheila (Maureen O'Hanlon) is drowned in the AOK bathtub.
There are other suspects; Ernie (Joe Estevez), the weird AOK maintenance man, who loves to spy on the coeds through their bedroom windows, seems to be the best bet.  Then of course Professor Caldwell (Alex Courtney) who may not have recaptured his sanity after his wife's death seems a likely possibility.  Then Cassie (Cindra Hidgdon) is electrocuted as she is stripped and hung in a shower by our fiend.  Jeff, knowing he is the prime suspect, begins an attempt to catch the killer.  His plans for this are silly and usually end in embarrassment.  As Karen (Christy Mucciante) is grabbed, stripped, and encased in a plaster cast, AOK may run out of coeds before our monster is found.
Will Jeff or the police catch the killer before Lisa is skewered?  Even if Jeff isn't the killer, will the makers of "Fatal Pulse" do us a favor and kill him off?  Does Captain Marvelous' appearance enhance the plot or detract from the serious nature of a vicious slasher film?  Yep, the beautiful die horribly and the handsome hunks show their stupidity in this film.  Available in VHS tape quality on YouTube, "Fatal Pulse" is a slasher film that, at very least, has some great kills and a great looking queue of lady victims.

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