Thursday, August 25, 2016

The Night Brings Charlie, A Decapitation Gore-Fest

Charlie? Yep....a hulking slasher armed with a chainsaw, an ax, a saw, and various other pieces of menacing garden equipment.  Oh yes, Charlie's face was horribly mutilated by a chainsaw accident. His victims? You guessed it....attractive high school girls seeking pre-marital sex, or attempting to purchase beer without proper ID. The 1980s were teeming with low-budget slasher films.  In 1990, "The Night Brings Charlie" came out.....for this one, low-budget may be an understatement.
Bye Bye Shannon
 The first to fall is pretty Shannon (Jenny Tucks).  After being felt up by her boyfriend, she has her head sawed off her torso.  Sheriff Carson (Kerry Knight) knows his town is now in for some killer carnage.  Equally upset is the very grouchy, and eager coroner, Walt (Joe Fishback).  Walt has watched one too many episodes of "Quincy" and tries to spearhead the investigation.  Kids will be kids, and the local teens go ahead with their parties despite the decapitation...bad idea. beer!. Walt's pretty daughter, Jenny (Aime Tenalia) and her best bud, Debbie (Robin Krasny) head to a liquor store to buy some.  Here, Debbie will be separated from her under-used head.
Our killer, Charlie....presumably, then tries to find another victim and wanders to the home of a beautiful women.  No carnage here, but an opportunity for a long gratuitous shower scene.  As the decapitations continue, Walt and Sheriff Carson desperately search for the killer.  The enormity of the situation still hasn't sunk in on the cute..but very thick, Jenny. She accepts a dare to go over to Charlie's place at night and steal a piece of his property....what could go wrong?  Unaware that his daughter is walking into the den of a slasher, Walt lets his guard down.  No worries, an obnoxious biker gang is heading that way also to teach Charlie a lesson (don't ask). As Sheriff Carson puts together some clues he makes a startling revelation.
Biker Gang remnant
Can Walt and Sheriff Carson figure out what Charlie is planning and save the naive Jenny?  Is Charlie merely a misunderstood PTSD-laden, Vietnam war-vet needing some treatment at the VA?  Oh yes, there is that backstory.  For an ultra low-budget grade C film, the acting and gore in "The Night Brings Charlie" is very good.  Directed by Tom Logan and filmed near Orlando, Florida, this is a neat slasher film unseen by most horror fans.  Available on YouTube, enjoy "The Night Brings Charlie."

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