Thursday, August 18, 2016

Me Myself and I, Our Greatest Fear

What are we most afraid of?  Ignore the polls which suggest drowning and public speaking scare us the worst. Nope, not being mauled by a grizzly or dying in a plane crash, either.  The one thing that can do us the most harm, and indeed frightens us tons more than the previous referenced fears...ourselves.  Meosha Bean, who appeared on this blog last January (click on this link Meosha Bean ) has created, and stars, in a new horror short...."Me Myself and I."  In this film, Ms. Bean takes the fear we have of ourselves and moves it from an abstract point of view to something more literal.
A very pretty young lady (Bean) leaves  a small grocery store late at night.....perfect beginning for a horror film.  In a dimly lit parking lot, she gets a glimpse of a figure.  This is very unsettling to our protagonist.  It's not Jason Voorhees, Feddy Krueger, or Michael Myers.....nope, that would be too easy.  She is drawn to this figure and follows it.  But wait!  The it is actually a her.  Even better, could this her be...well, herself?  Eerie and unsettling...our attractive damsel gets closer for more answers. No more plot, as this feature runs just under seven minutes, and spoilers won't be found on this blog.
Ms. Bean is sensational as the star of this horror short written by Kinte Fergerson.  Sure, staying in the abstract would have pleased the fans of artsy-fartsy films at film festivals.  Fortunately, Mr. Fergerson and Ms. Bean did not allow a theme of "How do we really view ourselves?" to hamper this movie from delivering jump-out-of your-seat scares. To view this film on YouTube click this link Me Myself and I

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