Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Darkwave: Edge of the Storm, Trouble in Paradise

It just didn't go as planned. Nope, but for fans of scifi and horror, this is no surprise. New Earth...so much promise. Whatever angst and apocalypse our original Earth faced, the new place promised to be a utopia, I'm sure. Yeah, right. Hence, a science fiction short which is sure to win awards at festivals, 2016's Darkwave: Edge of the Storm . Directed and created by Darren Scales, this 24 minute short packs so much.  In a supreme compliment to a short film, I am eager to see the 90 minute full length feature leading up to it, and the 90 minute full length feature which this film sets up. Or even better, a BBC series.
Sarah (Nathalie Cox), her husband David (Robin Kirwan), and son Ben (Ben Shahin-Scales) are on the run...but from who or what? They are also searching....but for what? New Earth has broken down and the government is pursuing them, and anyone else who doesn't toe the line.  All seems hopeless to our protagonists....but wait! They come across a burnt out communications outpost.  As David gets the satellite dishes back online, Sarah is able to make contact with someone (I won't tell you who, but he's played by Shane Rimmer).  Both David and Sarah find out a little more about their frightful predicament before the outpost goes down again.  And Ben?  You'll see. What follows is an ambitious and epic story line featuring great scifi f/x.
 Lots of spaceships, apocalyptic landscapes, outer-space drama, and fine acting help make 'Darkwave' a wonderful scifi tale.  Darren Scales wasn't intimidated by a 24 minute time frame for this film, as a detailed description of the plot would suggest this film runs 120 minutes.  Visit their website (the link is included above), and be sure to find a way to see "Darkwave: Edge of the Storm," which will be released online on September 16, 2016.

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  1. Can't wait - it's going to be awesome if the previous film is anything to go by :)