Thursday, August 11, 2016

Open House, the Bloody Housing Market

As the housing market continues in a bust, it is only appropriate we look at a slasher film starring Adrienne Barbeau. Perhaps made before it's time, 1987's "Open House" is a gory slasher flick which makes a statement about the manipulated housing market and it's effect on those surviving outside the top one per cent.  With great death scenes, damsels in much distress, a menacing slasher, and of course Ms. Barbeau as a sultry real estate agent, "Open House" may put a halt on your desire for this market to pick back up again.
The hottest real estate agents in L.A. are showing million dollar mansions. Uh oh, someone is waiting inside the houses and slicing them up after they're done with their spiel.  Lovelies are being bludgeoned by a razor-laden baseball bat, hung, and decapitated. Our killer is going through extra effort to torture and humiliate his victims.  In one memorable scene, the very pretty Pilar (Christina Gallegos) is strung up, has her clothes cut off, and has wires attached to her implants before she is electrocuted. Uh oh...our killer is selecting houses from discarded real estate listings of Lisa Grant (Barbeau) Realty.
Lisa's main squeeze is Dr. David Kelley (Joseph Bottoms), who hosts a radio shrink show.  Our fiend begins calling this show extolling the virtues of his murders. The lovelier the real estate agent, the gorier the death.  All indications point toward a bloody final confrontation between the monster and Lisa, as he begins stalking her.  In one unforgettable scene, the killer decapitates Lisa's main competition while humiliating and stringing up a nude dominatrix (Roxanne Baird) in a mansion's hot tub.  Okay, perhaps that scene is more gratuitous than plot enhancing...but why not?  As the police and David enact a plan to identify and capture this beast, Lisa lets her guard down.  This is done at Lisa's peril, as our slasher seems one step ahead of his pursuers.
Will these killings effect the southern California real estate market? Is our villain merely an advocate for those seeking more affordable housing in major metropolitan areas (don't laugh....this film actually goes there)?  Our slasher and his killings are most horrific, and his victims are indeed lovely damsels.  Ms. Barbeau is terrific in this, as usual. Directed by Jag Mundhra, "Open House" is a gory, gratuitous, and ominous horror flick. Enjoy "Open House," which is available on YouTube.

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