Saturday, February 3, 2024

Looks Can Kill, The Beautiful Die so Horribly

From our buddies at Jagged Edge Productions!  We have...cheese!  Babes in peril!  Babes scantily clad in peril!  Babes in bikinis and lingerie!  In tight slinky gowns!  Nubile lasses looking great...until they get brutally murdered.  Giallo would be proud.  From the U.K., we have neuvo Euro-Trash...2022's "Looks Can Kill," directed by Jasmine Ebony Thomas.  This may be the magnum opus of the lovely Danielle Scott.

Rhonda (Scott) was quite the thing. She was a stunning actress famous for horror films.  The industry is a tough one and when younger girls come along, well, the established talent gets pushed aside.  Now Rhonda is relegated to humiliating modeling jobs to stay employed.  But wait!  She has an idea.  Rhonda will start her own modeling agency.  Her first move is to hire a photographer, the mentally unbalanced sex offender, Zack (Matthew Baunsgard). She'll also hire beef as her staff.  Hank (Clint Gordon) and Don (Darrell Griggs) look great and are tasked with picking up the babe models and bringing them home. The models?  Young college girls in desperate need of money...and quite the babes. Stacy (Antonia Whillans), Brigitte (Mya Brown), and Lisa (Barbara Dabson) are sultry and unfortunately, may not remain beautiful.

Uh oh...Rhonda seems to be spiraling into insanity. Of course, who isn't?  The models are vulnerable and have a lot of debt.  Sadly, the gals trust Rhonda.  Zack is creepy and his past does not remain a secret.  Hank and Don grunt a lot and show off their gals will like them.  The shoots?  Eek!  They are shot in ruins of what looks like a burnt down church.  Then...murder.  Not just any kinds of murder.  The gals are felled in the most awful ways.  Big who?  Rhonda?  Or is that too easy.  You'll see.

Will any of our lovely college girl models survive until the end credits?  Is what happens to these lovelies at the fashion photo-shoots any worse than what happens to them at university by a misogynistic higher educational system in the U.K.?  Will there be any catfights to the death?  This is a great looking film and the cheese and beef are its strong point.  Still, it has great kills and some really creepy characters.  For some brutal arousal, see "Looks Can Kill."    

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