Saturday, August 5, 2023

The Elevator, Demons and Murder on Points

Have some extra Marriott points?  I wonder if The Imperial Hotel, from our film today, is part of the Marriott Bonvoy program.  If so, instead of bottled water when checking in...maybe some bottled holy water can be given.  Today we have a creepy hotel story that includes recent phenom Chrissie Wunna. She makes films more often than Eric Roberts, but is more fun to look least for us guys.  Today we delve into 2023's "The Elevator" (aka "Haunted Hotel" and "Hellevator Hotel"), directed by Tom J. Kelly.

Lilly (Wunna) shows up at The Imperial Hotel as the new night manager.  The cavernous and old hotel has seen a lot of guests mysteriously die of late.  In fact, just before Lilly arrives, the beautiful Melissa (Danielle Scott) is chased into an elevator by a demon and dragged into the boiler room and killed.  Lilly is actually a reporter trying to get to the bottom of these deaths.  While there she determines the elevator is key to these deaths.  Two new guests (Stephen Staley and Harry Boxley) are also onto this and try to investigate the lift.  They'll both die horribly.  Lilly meets some weird employees including the very tall handyman, Norton (George Nettleton), who she will have steamy pre-marital sex with.  Sylvester (Alix Maxwell) is the creepy day manager who seems to know the hotel's forbidden secrets.

In her investigation, Lilly uncovers ghostly signs.  These signs are presented in the form of swarms of flies or blood.  She'll douse a baseball bat with holy water and now is also armed to fight Satan...can't hurt. Lilly also uncovers much of the hotel's history.  The place has been built on land used in Satanic rites and these rites continued even after the hotel opened for business.  Now Lilly must face her fears and horrific moments from her recent past and battle Satan and perhaps his minions in the form of a cult.  Did I mention Lilly's gratuitous bath scenes? 

Will the lovely Lilly have her climactic battle with Satan in the bathtub, all naked and lathery...or fully clothed?  Is the hotel staff part of a Satanic cult?  Will Lilly be sought after for sacrifice or to spawn Satan's child?  Chrissie Wunna always turns in a steamy performance and always makes films we want to see.  For some gratuitous and creepy Friday night fun, see "The Elevator."

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  1. great stuff, have you used AI's for different angles, no, you don't need too, great stuff, will be more available soon!!