Tuesday, August 29, 2023

Bering Sea Beast, Sharknado Babe in Alaska

Cassandra Scerbo, the Syfy babe, who is famous for "Sharknado" is a lovely and talented actress that makes films we want to see.  What better plot device is a babe in danger from slimy sea creatures that look like a cross between stingrays and Nosferatu?  Okay, so this Bering Sea epic may have been filmed in Louisiana...but Ms. Scerbo is a lot more pleasurable to look at than Sig Hansen. Oh yes, we also have to say the sea vampires are a lot funner to look at than Alaskan King Crab. Today we look at 2013's "Bering Sea Beast" (on Tubi TV as "Beast of the Bering Sea"), directed by Don E. FountLeroy. 

The Hunter family are gold dredgers on the Bering Sea. Glenn (Kevin Dobson) is the dad, Donna (Scerbo) is the sultry but tough daughter, and Joe (Jonathan Lipnicki) is the hot-headed son. Joining them is an old family friend, Owen (Brandon Beamer). During a dredge one of Glen's hired divers is draine dof his blood by a creature on the seabed.  Now a slew of sea vampires is on the loose as their territory has been disturbed.  These things look like slimy black stingrays with big fangs...and the fly.  Dredgers are having their blood sucked out and the things attack on land, too. Beautiful marine biologist, Megan (Jaqueline Fleming) has been searching for these monsters for years and she joins the Hunters after one of the monsters explodes out of Glenn's chest...so sad.

Now the feisty Donna puts her sights on fighting these things. Owen and Joe are game. They have more to fear than the creatures.  Evil dredger, Thorne (Lawrence Turner), moving in on tragedy tries to buy out Donna and Joe.  Donna refuses.  The monsters continue their attacks and drain dredgers and the occasional marine biologist of bodily fluids.  Now Donna is fuming and her and Owen come up with an ambitious and unlikely plan to annihilate the toothy sea creatures.  Uh oh...Thorne moves in and offers a deal the Hunters cannot refuse...but the monsters can.

Will Owen be able to capitalize on tragedy and horror and be able to engage in pre-marital sex with the "Sharknado" babe? Will Megan the scientist attempt to try to communicate with this newly discovered species?  Will Donna and Joe have an opportunity to feed Thorne to the stingray things?  This is a good one and makes you proud to be a Syfy viewer.  For a great Friday night creature feature, watch "Bering Sea Beast."    


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