Saturday, August 19, 2023

Subhuman: The Amityville Experiment, Corman-esque Fun

Juan Diaz, Jr. is one of my favorite filmmakers.  He makes movies we want to see...a la Roger Corman. A laboratory experiment gone wrong! A creature escapes from a cage or a beaker. Nubile babes in trouble. Hunk guys, just a little slow on the uptake. Mad scientists. A military ready to drop a nuke.  Yep...Mr. Diaz follows a great recipe.  So, if your thing isn't RomComs, consider 2023's "Subhuman: The Amityville Experiment."  The action, performances, and creature f/x are a whole lot better than anything Cate Blanchett has ever done.  Now, here's something special...there will be more. Also here is a trailer for the next feature, and it looks terrific..."The Amityville Ripper."  Hey! Why not?

In a secret government lab, Project 19 has been developed by Dr. Fulci (Jose Pelaez).  Uh oh...the thing escapes from its cage and escapes from the lab...go figure...that never happens, right? Fulci contacts the Dept. of Defense and notifies General Corman (Carey Rolley). The good general understands the magnitude of the situation and is ready to drop a nuke on Amityville.  Now Fulci is under the clock to capture the escaped monster before Corman gives the nuke order. Project 19?  Oh, it is slimy, red, big-eyed, and very toothy...and it sneaks into apartments and eats nubile babes and annoying guys. The creature f/x are masterful here.

Okay, resident schmuck, Ford (Diaz, Jr.) lives in an Amityville apartment complex.  One by one his neighbors get eaten.  Ford is kind of a loser, but who knows, his business of creating action figures no one wants may take off.  He is smart enough to own a big gun and when he suspects his apartment complex has been invaded by an evil being, he arms up.  Monster attacks, shoot-outs, and a nun in peril will ensue.  Uh oh, again.  Before there was Project 19...there was Project 18.  What happened to Project 18 will add more shocking horror to this plot.  As our mutant eats away at residents and makes its way to Ford, and a nuke bomber heads to Amityville, Ford engages in a battle to save humanity and perhaps come up with a new and original idea for his next action figure.

Will Project 19 be neutralized before the bomber reaches Amityville?  Will Project 19 follow 'social distancing' protocols?  Will Juan Diaz, Jr. market the Project 19 action figure?  This is a fun one and fans of Roger Corman films will want to move this to #1 on their "Movies to Watch" list.  For great scifi/horror and creature f/x, see "Subhuman: The Amityville Experiment." To buy the DVD of this film, click on this link DVD of SUBHUMAN .

Now, you can download “Subhuman: The Amityville Experiment.” The download includes extras like an exclusive trailer to THE AMITYVILLE RIPPER (a lost Giallo film), TWO alternate endings, and a POST CREDITS scene. Each DVD also includes a FREE mini poster inside. Thank you again for supporting independent filmmaking. You can order your copy at SUBHUMAN Download on Etsy

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