Monday, June 12, 2023

Vegas Skyline, Aliens, Exotic Dancers, and Sex in Hot Tubs

Any fans of the "Skyline" franchise out there? No...I thought not.  I did review one of the "Skyline" films but frankly it was only because Rhona Mitra was in it. I should point out she fled to Uruguay shortly after that film.  Just saying. But hey!  Throw in some exotic dancers, a lot of deviant sex, lots of nudity, and aliens...and well...who cares about plot.  Today we look at Michele Hailey's magnum opus, 2012's "Vegas Skyline," directed by Michael Ricks.

Okay...aliens hit Vegas and land in the nearby desert. Lucas (Ryan Silverman), a weird Goth, grabs his shotgun and begins hunting them. The aliens converge on two hot couples in a hot tub. Bikini clad Cindy (Hailey) is going to marry OB/GYN Bill (Phil Valentine). The other couple is the very hot bikini clad Kim (Beverly Lynne) and radio show host Tom (Tim Delaney).  When Cindy leaves the tub, her fianc√© will have steamy sex with Kim.  Bill is a two-timer and nails anything with cleavage.  The aliens want women and their eggs.  The females of their species have died out.  Oh yeah, Cindy is a former exotic dancer turned hypno-therapist.  She does hypno-therapy on Kim and finds a repressed memory of her being abducted by aliens and the aliens taking her baby from her womb.  Happens.

Now the aliens get aggressive and take over Bill's body as he nails an exotic dancer (Bianca Paris) in the backseat of his car.  He returns home desiring to rape Cindy.  Lucas re-enters the picture with his gun and saves Cindy.  Now Lucas and Cindy trade secrets and find out they have a bond.  Now the two of them turn alien hunters. Alas, the aliens get the drop on them and pull them up into their ship and string up Cindy for...well, you can guess.

Will Cindy be impregnated by monsters?  What bond do Lucas and Cindy share and does it concern nudity or a jacuzzi?  Will there be a gratuitous catfight between Cindy and Kim?  This may be the most important film of our time.  So let your buddies be whipped by their wives and watch some Tom Hanks film.  You be a real man and watch "Vegas Skyline."

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  1. Like all great films, this is prophetic. The aliens have apparently returned to Vegas: