Sunday, June 4, 2023

The Seventh Grave, Giallo Visits Scotland

Nothing says Gothic horror in old Scotland like Giallo!  Sure...Italian is no way similar to a Scottish accent...but who cares? Italian babes portraying Scottish lasses...only the paranoid woke crowd would object.  In 1965 these snowflakes did not we can have cultural appropriation without Karens having a cow.  So let us look at the Italian horror film "The Seventh Grave," set in Scotland and directed by Garibaldi Serra Caracciolo (no doubt a descendant of William Wallace).

In 1880, Sir Reginald is a mad scientist trying to find a cure for death in his old castle.  His experiments get out of hand and is overtaken by leprosy. He'll die a disfigured and drooling lunatic...that's how I want to go. Not long after that, relatives assemble for the reading of the will.  Jenkins (Antonio Casale) arrives from America with his brother Fred (Gianni Dei), and either his wife or lover Mary (Bruna Baini).  They grab a big busted babe barmaid, Betty (Germana Dominici) and head to the castle. Already there is the executor of Sir Reginald's will, Elliot (Nando Angelini)...and a sultry medium (psychic), Katy (Stefania Nelli). In addition to the will, which is mysteriously missing, Katy is brought in to talk to Reginald's spirit and find out where a hidden treasure is hidden.

Yep...the séance does not go well. Some spirit tells them all to leave immediately.  Uh oh...Sir Reginald's body is no longer in his grave.  His caretaker has been murdered...and Elliot and Katy fall in love. Now a police inspector arrives (Armando Guarnieri) to investigate the murder and also a missing leper/lunatic who has just escaped from a mental asylum.  Sir Reginald's corpse keeps popping up scaring the Scottish babes. As the babe Betty barricades herself in her room, Mary is lured to the parlor where she will meet the corpse up close and personal. Oh, Katy and Elliot kiss and hug and make goo-goo eyes at each other.  Now one of the babes will be placed in horrific danger and the men will grunt and really comb the castle...and Reginald appears to be back in his coffin.

Okay, that is it.  No more. Will Katy and Elliot go further than kissing and groping?  Is Sir Reginald alive, a ghost, or something else? Is this lunatic leper going to show up and ruin everything?  This is a good one and the Italian babes playing Scottish lasses better than any real Scottish lass could is a great defense for cultural appropriation.  See "The Seventh Grave" and tick off Karens and snowflakes.    

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