Wednesday, June 14, 2023

Disembodied, Female Version of Basket Case

Everything about this film will remind you of 1982's low budget classic "Basket Case." is icky and weird enough to stand by itself.  Instead of a set of Siamese twins separated at birth, we have a babe who carries her brain around in a glass jar. Why? Hence 1998's "Disembodied," directed by William Kersten. Revolting images, slimy monsters, and faces melted away by acid are in store for you in this low budget offering.

Connie (Anastasia Woolverton) worked for a scientific company when an experiment in the lab got out of hand.  She was turned into, or overtaken, by an alien intelligence. See...a slimy alien parasite moved into her head, leaving her brain relegated to a glass jar. Happens. Now Connie has changed. The parasite gives her new organs and bodily functions and all the time producing baby parasites that are expelled through Connie's abdomen. Even ickier, a protrusion on Connie's cheek squirts an acid that melts away people's faces and skulls so Connie can eat their brains, absorbing the victim's brain cells. Now Connie is on the run from a company scientist, Dr. Sylvanus (George Randolph).

Connie/parasite move into a flea bag hotel and set up their lair.  The parasite gets busy with its'll see. Connie befriends her neighbor, a prostitute named Trixie (Hannah Nease). Connie's immediate dangers are a pervert night clerk and a nosy cleaning lady.  Now Sylvanus has closed in and has found Connie. He wants her back to study and experiment with.  He also wants to eradicate the parasite.  Faces will melt, brains will be eaten, Trixie will be put in peril, and slimy little creatures will be born out of Connie's abdomen.  Based on a true story...just kidding!

Will Connie's brain ever make it back into her head and take control again? What does the alien parasite want here on Earth?  Is Connie's ability to melt the faces of the men she meets a metaphor for modern day sexual harassment laws?  This is a good one and perhaps a good companion piece to "Basket Case." For an icky good time, see "Disembodied."  

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