Sunday, May 8, 2022

No Through Road, A Loser Turns Monster

Ozploitation, always good.  We have one from Australia's western jewel, Perth, today.  A nerd loser, a problematic dame (aren't they all), and three thugs.  What follows is a minor tiff that becomes a bloodbath.  Torture porn, narcotics, and brutal revenge will grace the screen in 2008's "No Through Road," directed by Sam Barrett.

Richard (James Helm) is a loser who probably has never kissed a girl.  He photographs nature and probably attends Star Trek conventions...virtually.  Loser.  He lives in the house he grew up in, alone.  One day a panicked dame, meth-head, Samantha (Megan Palinkas) sneaks into his home.  She's scared out of her mind as three thugs are pursuing her.  Why?  She claims they raped her.  Richard wants her out until he has a rude meeting with the thugs, Toryn (Richie Flanagan), Chaz (Barrett), and Rob (Keagan King).  The guys cut his phone wires, disable his car, and stand guard so Sam cannot sneak out.  Richard has some ideas...none good.  His first idea gets a friend of his murdered. 

Now Richard realizes he has done nothing with his life except photographing an ocean.  His big chance to prove his manhood.  Uh oh, his new charge shoots up in his bathroom and she'll be little help.  The three killers decide to get more aggressive as a couple more of his ideas just get people killed.  Now Richard decides to turn killer.  He finds things to use as weapons and initially surprises the trio.  When the thugs realize they are dealing with a formidable opponent, all-out war breaks out... blood... torture...more murder...hammers...and swords will all explode into the plot.

Does Richard have a shot at surviving this evening?  Will Samantha de-virginize our Trekkie?  Just how many tools found in a tool box can be used for torture and dismemberment?  Just curious.  For a real bloodbath with no humor and diversion, see "No Through Road."     

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