Friday, May 20, 2022

Dead Mary, Possession and the Annihilation of Babes and Hunks

Dominique Swain!  I don't know why she doesn't show up on most people's "favorite actress" lists.  She's on mine.  Her name alone will draw me to a film.  So will bikinis and catfights, which Ms. Swain will wear and partake in in today's film.  Pick-axes, garden tools, other blades, fire, that I think about beartraps...will all be part of some really nice carnage.  Sure, we'll plead with the silver screen to leave our Ms. Swain unmarred...but this will be a vicious one.  Today we look at 2007's "Dead Mary," directed by Robert Wilson.

Babe Kim (Swain) and hunk Matt (Jefferson Browning) are on the outs after they decided to have an "open" relationship.  Surprise, it did not make theirs stronger.  Now both bicker all the way to a weekend at a secluded wooded cabin with their babe and hunk friends.  Also there is is babe Amber (Reagan Pasternak) and her hunk Dash (Michael Majeski)...they're married and Amber believes happily.  Then there is Eve (Marie Josee), a sultry looking babe who is there w/o a beau.  Then the intellectual looking Baker (Steven McCarthy)...he has a beard, and his new squeeze, Lily (Maggie Castle). Lily is uncomfortable around all the friends as she is a newbie to the group.  Oh, yeah!  Everyone here has secretly slept with everyone else's partner...of course, these won't stay secrets.

Kim and the gals will frolic in bikinis and look bored while the guys will drink and smoke marijuana.  Then as Kim and Matt continue to bicker...and Amber looks really needy, and Lily and Eve mysteriously disappear in the woods, the plot thickens.  Now the fools play Dead know, recite her name three times...etc!  Well, they do this and the possession begins.  One at a time the hunks and babes turn into demons and the only way to get rid of them is to chop them up and burn them.  The demons reveal more intimate secrets about the babes and hunks driving the not-possessed farther apart and into more paranoia.  Now Kim will get into a nice catfight and no one is really sure who the next demon will be.  With disembowelment and burning ruling the second half of the film, the horror and relationship drama get more intense.

Is the demon possession a good metaphor for the typical relationship angst faced by many young 20-somethings, today?  Are any of the sultry babes in this film adept enough to take on Dominique Swain in a good catfight?  Do we need anything else in a film other than Ms. Swain frolicking in a bikini and engaging in catfights?  This is a good one with a fine looking cast.  Pick your favorite hunk and babe and just maybe they won't be disfigured and cut up before the end credits.  For a prurient and gory good time, see "Dead Mary."   

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