Friday, September 10, 2021

Nightmare Nurse, A Psycho Nurse

Remember the old soap "Passions" from 1999?  I think it ran until 2002.  You remember, the fat witch who had an ugly fat ventriloquist doll that came to life to reek havoc on some nubile beauties?  More importantly, Theresa (Lindsay Hartley) and Gwen (Natalie Zea)...two major league babes.  The entire soap seemed to hint at a nuclear cat-fight between these two beauties.  Fast forward to 2016 and the Lindsay Hartley film "Nightmare Nurse," directed by Craig Moss.  Ms. Hartley plays a sultry nurse who even makes scrubs look alluring.

Uh oh, lovers Brooke (Sarah Butler) and Lance (Steven Good) are in a major car wreck.  She recovers but he will need the care of a full time nurse...enter Chloe (Hartley).  As soon as she arrives Brooke wants to scratch her eyes out and rip out her hair...just like Gwen in the old soap. Brooke goes back to work and Chloe is left alone with the hunk Lance...who is totally useless (as all me are).  Chloe becomes attracted to Lance and uses erotic acupressure to make him hard.  Her scrubs get tighter and tighter and she even makes a pass at him.  Brooke will eventually get jealous and starts seeing hints that Chloe is unhinged.

Now Chloe decides to move in on Brooke's territory...I gotta say, I'm kind of pulling for her.  We find a bit about Chloe's past and she appears to be a psycho.  Uh oh, again...Chloe controls the meds and she feels she must have Lance and save him from the cold fish, Brooke.  Then things get crazy.  Lance's nurse at the hospital, Barb (Traci Lords) uncovers more truths about Chloe and now there is reason to believe both Brooke and Lance are in mortal danger.  All pretty standard, right?  Not so fast.  Surprises abound.

Will the cold fish Brooke learn a lesson from the sultry Chloe and glam herself up a bit for her man?  Will either Brooke or Chloe realize how useless Lance is and find someone that actually has earning power?  Is Chloe...actually...never spoilers here.  Lindsay Hartley is most alluring and watching her in this film is worth the price of admission.  So, if you never saw "Passions," find it and enjoy the ferocity between Natalie Zea and Ms. Hartley...until then, enjoy "Nightmare Nurse."  

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