Monday, September 6, 2021

Getaway, Slasher on Film

Slasher fans are going to love this one.  We have it all.  The creepy being warning the hunks and babes not to go to the campsite...the creepy old caretaker telling them they shouldn't be there, an axe, a big knife...and hunks and babes that die after chases or during pre-marital sex.  Yes!!!  Oh yes, the kill count!  Not just four, five, or six...a massive kill count!  Today we look at 2020's "Getaway," directed by Blayne Weaver.

As our film begins, the sultry Professor Watts (Cherish McCormick) is gutted outside of her it begins.  Now an army of college hunks and babes are headed into the wilderness so Abigail (Kristel Rachocki) and Tabitha (Abigail Haggerty) can film a horror movie for their final project.  Maddy (Emma Norville) is hesitantly invited along.  Emma hopes to act in the film but is slated to do props.  The babes and hunks begin dying immediately.  First to go is Noah (Joshua Cody), Maddy's ex-boyfriend.  He'll be bludgeoned to death.  The killer is masked in a burlap scarecrow mask.  Axes, knives, and attitude befell the good looking cast, many of them after heartbreaking chases.

 After sundown, a campfire and pre-marital sex won't save our cast...imagine that.  Suspects abound as to who this masked killer is.  Kayla (Danielle Carrozza), who stole Maddy's boyfriend, and Maddy's best friend Harlowe (Franschesca Contreras) will even engage in a nifty cat-fight.  As the babes and hunks lessen in number, Maddy and Kayla will even have to work together and save each other a time or two to survive.  Yep...twists will abound and some you may even figure out.  Still, the cast is great looking and they die well with much blood.  Enjoy the gore and impalements.

Is this film a thinly veiled metaphor for the absolute intellectual carnage inflicted on our college kids today at American universities?  Will there be a final girl and will Maddy and Kayla give us the pleasure of a cat-fight?  Should we feel bad about cheering for the gruesome demise of some of these hunks and babes?  Gory, ominous, and terrific acting, "Getaway" is a fantastic slasher film that is worthy of praise from fans of 1980s slasher fare, even though it was made within the past year.  See "Getaway," and escape back to the golden age of Slasher films.  

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