Saturday, March 6, 2021

The Stylist, Shorten the Bangs and Remove the Scalp

Having our hair cut or styled is a very accepted form of vanity in today's society. We must look good.  Society demands it! However, think of this...would you allow your plumber to put bladed weapons up to your neck? Would you allow the exterminator or the Amazon delivery guy to hold a knife or scissors to your jugular? What exactly do you know about the dame that styles your hair? Would you still go to her if you knew she was a total homicidal nut-job, just because she does a fine job with hair? Today we look at 2020's "The Stylist," directed by Jill Gevargizian.

She does do a good job. Hair stylist Claire (Najarra Townsend). She is good looking and listens well...too well for your own good, in fact. Sarah (Jennifer Seward) will be her first victim as the movie begins...though many preceded her. Sarah tells Claire all she needs to know about her. A little poison, some scissors...and off comes Sarah's scalp. Now Sarah's head of hair is a macabre wig for Claire's vanity. In Claire's defense...she merely wants to fit in. More victims will fall. Sadly, many of them will be ladies we like and sympathize with. Claire is a homicidal lunatic. She may have delusion issues. She seems to believe that adopting the hair and scalp of those she murders, that their social graces may also seep into her head.  Go figure...this doesn't work.

Here comes our damsel, who will soon be endangered. Olivia (Brea Grant) needs Claire to do her hair for her wedding this weekend. Uh Olivia, Claire sees someone she would like to be. Claire begins stalking her in secret. The nut-job stylist begins socializing with Olivia. Unfortunately the success of this move is short term. As Claire murders some more pretty women and takes their scalps, she gets mor unwound. Now Claire has a plan and it is obvious Olivia will be part of it. We gasp and hold our breath as it is apparent that Olivia has no clue to Claire's insanity...even though she should.

What is Claire's grand strategy for Olivia and her wedding? Can we forgive a pretty hair stylist's homicidal tendencies if that stylist does a great job and only charges $65? This is a gory one which will have you shielding your eyes a few times. The killings are, at times, heartbreaking. Before you get highlights in your hair or add curls...see "The Stylist." 

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