Tuesday, March 2, 2021

The Black Waters of Echo's Pond, Truth or Dare Carnage

Do yourself a favor...next time you get called upon in the game Truth or Dare...just lie. Tell your friends that you killed a man while you were tripping out on acid. Throw in that you killed him because your dog told you he was the anti-Christ. You're buddies will be satisfied and leave you alone. But no! Blokes feel compelled to tell the truth. What usually follows is...well, what follows is what happens in 2009's "The Black Waters of Echo's Pond," directed by Gabriel Bologna. Incidentally, do non-attractive people ever play Truth or Dare? 

Nine great looking friends find an isolated Maine island for a romantic and sex-filled getaway. The creepy caretaker, Pete (Robert Patrick) menaces them the whole time with a shotgun and beartraps. Some of the friends include Veronique (Mircea Monroe), a bimbo B movie actress and her boob-job, and Kathy (Danielle Harris). When the lights go out, the friends find an ancient game that was buried in Turkey...don't ask. They begin to play and it is a demonically controlled Truth or Dare thing. The friends start telling their sordid secrets and confess lusts for one another. One such dare has Kathy and Veronique engaging in lesbian sex. Another has some sultry twins (Electra and Elise Avellan) having a foursome with their two boyfriends.

Uh oh...secrets revealed lead to bloody homicide. Rick (James Duval) is now a target for everyone as he has seemed to tick everyone off in his life. Kathy's husband Trent (Walker Howard) will use pliers on teeth and a chainsaw to rip apart his brother. A spear gun, knives, and beartraps will cause much havoc. The sultry twins will have a nice skinny-dipping scene and then try to rip off Veronique's implants. Each murder will be gorier than the previous as no babe or hunk is immune from the curse of this ancient artifact. Lust, greed, bloody secrets, and jealousy will be used by the demonic entity to taunt the hunks and babes, but will anyone be able to fight off the spell?

Will the sultry twins succeed in ripping off Veronique's implants and other organs they covet? Will everyone's villain Rick suddenly become a hero and save at least some of his pals? Is this plot merely a metaphor of what happens when drunk twenty-somethings play Candyland and Sorry with weed and Jack Daniels present? This is a bloody one and the cast provides great cheesecake and beefcake. For a great idea for a game night, watch "The Black Waters of Echo's Pond."  

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