Wednesday, March 10, 2021

Quadrant 9EV9, Mutants Attack Babes and Hunks

This one is not going to get a lot of love. However, 2016's "Quadrant 9EV9" has some strong points...a great looking cast. Sure some will die horribly, but not before a nice bikini scene and some mutant carnage. All right...I understand. You might be pulling for the mutants in this one, still...we are in suspense to find out if the mutants will abduct Lexi (Dominique Storelli), and if they do...what will they do with her. Directed by David Maga, "Quadrant 9EV9" is a far superior film than any of the idiotic DC or Marvel garbage.

Back in 1972 the U.S. military did human experimentation in order to make a perfect killing machine soldier. These experiments did not go well as they created monsters. The program was shut down and 45 years later, those experiments survive in an underground bunker. This won't be good for the very ravishing Lexi. The pretty blonde goes on an astronomy trip with hunk Mike (Michael Huntsman), his grouchy gal, Samantha (Jennifer Churchich), a nerd, Derrick (Daniel Will George), and a jock, Jason (Jered Leedy). Everyone ogles Lexi who loves to show off her stuff. This makes Samantha mad...and grouchy. They set up a campsite. Derrick, Samantha, and Jason go looking for something and find the underground bunker.

As Lexi and Mike bond at the campsite, the other three break into the bunker...and it is not deserted. Jason accidentally kills some scientist and then accidentally cuts off power. They also see some cells with monster mutants inside. They run but do not realize the mutants are set loose. Now, after a nice Lexi and Samantha in a bikini scene, the attacks begin. A bunch of mutants beset the campers. Lexi and Mike will continue to get close as Samantha continues sneering and huffing. We get a nice backstory as to who these mutants were before becoming mutants. Overcome with rage, and freed after decades, the beautiful and handsome will be hunted by these things. Lexi will find an axe, Mike some dynamite...but they're not fighters.

Will the mutants be as attracted to the sultry Lexi as the humans are? Will Samantha cooperate with the mutants if it means the mutants will rip Lexi's...well, never mind. Just how many of these underground bunkers dot the American landscape with mutant soldiers just itching to bust out and find bikini blondes? Better than anything George Clooney has ever done, and with an alluring performance by Dominique Storelli, "Quadrant 9EV9" is a good take for a Friday movie night.   


  1. George Mustafa, he's lebanese, he must come clean who he really is before he can grow as an actress, I'm told he was born with a snatch.His mother, Gloria Estafa, use to call him Georginia, before they immigrated from Beirut to LA, on a Snitch program, Harmas are still tracking the dog down!!

  2. Okay but is no one who watched this movie gonna comment on the giant faux pas that we witness after Derrick dies? Like how did he get dragged away into the woods, then seconds later see him running with the rest of the group toward the barn???? Am I the only one who notices this???