Friday, March 12, 2021

Sex Terrorists on Wheels, MotorPsycho Maniacs

A sultry undercover Texas Ranger clad only in a sombrero, a shawl, and cowboy boots! Yes! She'll be a nubile damsel in much distress endangered by everyone she meets in the Texan wilderness.  Rape, bondage, and pursued as prey will try her.  Today we look at Stefan Ruf's "Sex Terrorists on Wheels" (on TubiTV as "MotorPsycho Maniacs"), from 2019.  Gratuitous to the max with heavy gore and an elongated lesbian skinny-dipping scene, our feature today will fulfill your prurient least for a day or two.

Enyo (Larissa Day) is a veteran of the clusterf**k in Syria.  She killed people there...a modern day Vietnam.  Now she is an undercover Texas Ranger pursuing a biker gang called the Sex Terrorists.  Lobo (Justin Henry) leads the gang of cannibalistic deviants.  His main gal, Jezebel (Jecca Bitner), desires Lobo to love only her.  The gang scalps and rapes everyone they meet.  Liver Eater Jack (Gregory Kelly) rips out their victim's liver and makes jerky out of it.  Uh oh...The Sex Terrorists get the drop on Enyo and two more Texas Rangers.  All the Rangers will be raped.  Enyo escapes but her two compadres will be cut up, scalped, and eaten.

Now Enyo leads her tormentors on a chase up Devil's Mountain.  Befriending her is Ezra (Gary Kent).  He's a blind marksman living with nature.  Ezra was a killer soldier during Vietnam and now talks to animals.  The two are waiting for the Sex Terrorists.  As Jezebel has some gratuitous skinny-dipping lesbian sex, Lobo and Liver Eater rape a pair of campers.  A final confrontation is inevitable.  Enyo may seem cool, but Jezebel wants her...and so does Lobo...but for what?

Will Enyo's bitter experiences in Syria help convince Biden to stop bombing them?  Will Lobo and Jezebel square off to see which one gets to claim Enyo as their pet?  Will the often nude Enyo use seduction and her sombrero to lure the pursuing Sex Terrorists?  This is a gratuitous one that pays homage to the old spaghetti westerns.  For some gratuitous (there's that word again) nudity, gore, and cannibalism, see "Sex Terrorists on Wheels."

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  1. Great, reminds me of Cheny Bush Combo, now Obama and Biden... and yes they are bombing even Manila