Wednesday, February 24, 2021

Ravage, Nature Photographer vs. Inbred Torture Cult

Okay...inbred torture cult may be a little harsh...just a little.  Bruce Dern will expound on the proper terminology just before he is drugged and has his face blown off by the pretty nature photographer. Happens.  Still...on the basest level, our damsel is put in much distress by these torture fiends. Oh! Our damsel? Hardly a damsel. She is pretty versed on homicide and torture herself. Confused? Let us take a look at 2019's "Ravage," directed by Teddy Grennan.

Pretty Harper (Annabelle Dexter-Jones) is shooting pictures in the woods of rural Virginia. Uh oh...she sees something she isn't supposed to, of the torture/homicide variety. Now the family that owns the land (billions and billions of acres) is after her. With the help form their kinfolk in the sheriff's department...they catch her. They'll sexually molest her and string her up for torture.  Harper is a bit of a survivalist and she isn't happy. She'll free herself and run away. Not to escape...but to regroup and hunt her tormentors. Ravener (Robert Longstreet) is the patriarch of this torture family and he sends his kids out to retrieve the blonde babe that invaded his land.

Too bad for the torture kids...she finds them first. Decapitation and other booby traps will annihilate the inbreeds. She doesn't get them all. She'll meet Bruce Dern, also part of the family. He'll wish she never stepped foot in his house. Harper goes through the inbreeds like crap through a goose, but Ravener is one step ahead. guessed it. There will be a final confrontation between Ravener and the pretty Harper. What happens then? You won't believe it. The ending will make you squirm and maybe yell at the silver screen. Disgusting and revolting are two words that come to mind. Total amazement will envelope you as the end credits roll.

Just who will prevail in the final confrontation...Harper or Ravener?  What surprises does Ravener have waiting after Harper after she takes apart his children? Is this film a thinly veiled metaphor for the ruination of Virginia that has occurred over the past 20 years?  You will not have seen an ending like this one, and you may not like it. Still, catch "Ravage," it is something a bit different and grotesque.

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  1. Didn't they catch a female mule for hard drugs in Virginia? Harper goes through the inbreeds like crap through a goose, poetry!!