Wednesday, February 10, 2021

Bog, Swamp Creature vs. the AARP

There is a lot of similarities between today's feature and Roger Corman's "Humanoids from the Deep." A swamp creature living in the slime at the bottom of the bog needs human females to reproduce. An alluring and erotic plot...unless you throw in grandma and grandpa. If you liked watching your grandparents swap spit and fondle each other, then this film will get your juices flowing. Today we take a look at 1979's "Bog," directed by Don Keeslar.

Two middle-aged couples go to the lake for camping and fishing. A swamp monster, probably looking for nubile teens, has to settle for these two women (Carol Terry and Lou Hunt) and rips them apart. Their husbands make it back to town, now widowers, and inform the geriatric Sheriff Rydholm (Aldo Ray) to do something. He gets two elderly doctors involved, Dr Ginny Glenn (Gloria DeHaven) and Dr. Brad Wednesday (Marshall Thompson). These two doctors will fall in love and swap a lot of spit. Because of their age, Brad will need a nap later and this will put Ginny in great peril. More killings by the swamp. A few of Rydholm's deputies will be shredded.

Two nubile babes will try to picnic at the swamp and one will be beset by the creature. Two divers, sent over from AARP will don SCUBA equipment and look for the thing. The thing will find them and tear this duo apart. The elderly Dr. John Warren will come to town to help out Wednesday and Ginny. He'll also need a nap. Now Ginny is in the cross-hairs of the swamp monster. As Wednesday naps, the monster makes its move. Now John and Wednesday must wake up and find Ginny before the monster impregnates her.

Did this creature lose a bet to his fellow swamp creatures and draw the a retirement community as his feeding ground? Whatever the creature had planned for Ginny, would it have been more satisfying than swapping spit with Dr. Wednesday (remember, this was filmed in pre-Viagra days)? Would the censors of 1979 have allowed bikini or skinny-dipping scenes in this film? An elderly swamp monster film is always better than a Meryl Streep film. For some slimy and icky thrills, see "Bog."

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  1. Wow, same look as your avatar, great review, power to the sexually active old folks.