Saturday, June 27, 2020

Paranormal Xperience 3D, Spanish Babes, Hunks, and a Lunatic Ghost

It is an old recipe that transcends borders. Babes, hunks, carnage, pre-marital sex, gore, and some otherworldly influence. This even works in Spain! Which brings us to 2011's "Paranormal Xperience 3D," directed by Sergi Vizcaino. The cheese and beef are quite impressive, though most of them will end up quite torn apart. Perhaps a statement of the carnage today's European youths face...or maybe just an old fashioned ghost/slasher film.
Angela (Amaia Salamanca) and four of her buddies are about to fail a college course. The professor (Miguel Angel Jenner) has a deal for them. Go to Susurro and see if it's ghosts are talking. They agree...bad idea. See, Susurro is an abandoned mining town. In 1963, the town doctor tortured and killed 20 of his patients. He kept killing after he died. The townsfolk sealed him in the mines where he presumably died...though his body was never found. Angela brings her younger sister Diana (Alba Ribas), as she has a van big enough for all the equipment. Skank Belen (Ursula Corbero) also joins them as well as hunks Jose (Max Iglesias) and Angela's BF Carlos (Luis Fernandez). Oh yes, the tech guy, Toni (Oscar Sinela).
The gang finds the mine immediately and Toni picks up weird readings on the equipment. Uh oh...Diana hears screams that no one else does. Uh oh again, Diana also hears the torture doctor summoning her. Bad news, Angela and Diana have a ghastly backstory that may be driving the ghost. Even worse, the doctor manifests himself and has a way of killing that will make you all wince and cover your eyes. As torture, mutilation, and lobotomies abound, Diana seems to be pulled into madness. Now Angela must come to terms with the evil that beset her and Diana many years ago. As the hunks and babes begin dying horribly, ther is an indication that our ghost may not be the only culprit in Susurro.
The cast is great looking and die well. The ghost doctor is menacing and is always equipped with steel hooks or spikes. Will Angela and Diana reconcile the evil that beset them as little girls in time to fight the ghost? Will any of our hunks and babes be skewered while in the throes of pre-marital sex or in a gratuitous shower scene? Is this film a prophetic statement of the ineffective and misogynistic European higher education system? This is a good old fashioned plot that will surely please. For some good gore, beef, and cheese, see "Paranormal Xperience 3D." 

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