Wednesday, June 17, 2020

Death Laid an Egg, Chicken Mutations and Lingerie Clad Vixens

Why don't we have more movies about chicken mutation monstrosities mixed with lingerie clad vixens...and throw in a slasher? Italian horror is strange but this strange? Today we look at 1968's "Death Laid an Egg," directed by Giulio Questi. True, the lingerie is quite alluring, though most of the babes wearing it will die horribly...hey, it's Italian horror!
Anna (Gina Lollobridgida) owns a massive chicken farm. She is the brains behind the operation. Her husband, Marco (Jean-Louis Trintignant), technically helps runs it. Marco, however, is busy murdering prostitutes after kinky sex games to pay much attention to what's going on at the farm. Enter Gabrielle (Ewa Aulin). She's a babe and we get some gratuitous bikini shots of her. Oh yes, Gabrielle has been taken in by both Anna and Marco to do...well...chicken farm stuff. She will actually act as the extra-marital fling for both Anna and Marco. As the prostitutes keep getting slashed, Gabrielle and Marco are able to sneak off together. Meanwhile, when not having fun with Marco, Gabrielle has fun with Anna.
As the chicken farm begins yielding these headless and wingless monstrosities, Anna finds out that Marco is into whores. She decided to get all shored-up and begin a life as a whore, too.  Gabrielle acts as her coach and dresses her in some naughty lingerie. Enter the new chicken farm publicist, Mondaini (Jean Sobieski). He has some great ideas to publicize the farm's chickens. He even throws a party for the chicken association executives complete with a rape and sex room. Gabrielle will have an interesting time with this. Okay, as Anna begins her career as a whore, Marco heads back to the hotel with his straps and knife. Meanwhile, Gabrielle may have some sordid ideas of her own.
Will Marco's penchant for cutting up prostitutes collide with Anna's new prostitution hobby? Will Gabrielle ever arrange a threesome in the hopes of getting Marco and Anna back together? Will the mutant chicken monstrosities grow in number and eat the weird trio? Strange? Oh yes. This film served as the original inspiration for the Chick-Fil-A franchise. So eat more cheeseburgers and enjoy the Italian horror epic, "Death Laid an Egg."


  1. Great review mate I've yet to see this one but it's been on my watchlist for ages now. I had a feeling before even reading your review it was gonna be "strange" as the director's 1972 witchcraft film Arcana is a serious head scratcher albeit actually rather mesmerising in parts even if it doesn't make a lick of sense. Very nice review again mate

  2. I'll have a chicken nugget, oh the chicken farms, nothing beats them, great review, felt it was written for me haha