Sunday, June 7, 2020

Masked Mutilator, The Slasher in the WWE Universe

What would it look like to live in Vince McMahon's WWE universe? What would a slasher film look like in that universe? Ask no we take a look at 2019's "Masked Mutilator." In the world of professional wrestling, choke holds, body slams, and submissions rule the day. In this Brick Bronsky film, so do elongated blood and gut scenes mixed with gratuitous nudity, lingerie scenes, and gratuitous shower scenes.
The Masked Mutilator decimates his opponent in the ring. In fact, he kills him. Now barred from wrestling, Vic (Jeff Sibbach) or The Masked Mutilator, finds a job supervising a group home for wayward youths. He runs a tight, and borderline abusive ship. If the youths get out of hand he has a cell to lock them in. Then the state sends an intern to learn from Vic. Steve (Bronsky) arrives with a college education and a preference for compassion. Vic and Steve clash...then the murders begin. When Steve arrives, Rocker (Glenn Hetrick) is locked in the cell. Steve shows Rocker compassion. Shortly after, a masked fiend finds Rocker in the weight room and takes him apart. The masked fiend will then use a hacksaw and cut him up.
The gore scenes will be elongated and icky. The most heartbreaking kill is Marcy (Amanda Kupchinsky). Up until now she has given us gratuitous shower scenes, pre-marital sex scenes, and a lot of gratuitous lingerie scenes. She'll be strangled in her lingerie while looking for marijuana and pre-marital sex and the masked fiend will play with her corpse. Brian (Tom Taylor), a new ward of the state, and a martial arts maven arrives at the house and falls in love with the beutiful Leslie Heidi Shelhamer). So cute. Meanwhile the masked fiend continues ripping apart youths, sawing them up, and burning them in the furnace. Finally Leslie and Brian find out about the killings and believe Vic is the killer...but is he?
If Vic isn't the killer, then who is? Do the troubled Leslie and Brian have a shot at romance or are they slated for dissection? Do we need a female remake of this film featuring Trish Stratus and Gail Kim? This is a gory and vicious one. No humor, just ominous dread and gore. For a good old fashioned violent and gory slasher film with gratuitous nudity and blood spatter, see "Masked Mutilator."

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  1. I see it's got shower scenes and cat fights, that's why I'll watch it, thanks agian for another great review.