Friday, June 19, 2020

Beg, A Victim Too Far?

What can stop a perfect serial killer? After 25 years in law enforcement, this is an easy question. Arrogance and mistakes. We all make them...even the most evil among us. In 2011's "Beg," a vicious machete killer goes through Massachusetts beauties (yes, there are some) like crap through a goose. What's more...guess who is in this...Debbie Rochon, Tony Todd, P.J. Soles, Michael Berryman, Tiffany Shepis, Tony Moran, Kristina Klebe, and so many more.
Detective Jack Fox (Tony Moran) is a hero. He single handily captured a vicious serial killer a few years back (Michael Berryman). Uh Salem, Massachusetts, a new one has come to town and he takes apart dozens of nubile beauties (yes, stop it, Massachusetts does have some). His gig...he slashes them with a machete, but not enough to kill them. He then gets off on hearing them beg...then he finishes them off. He kidnaps Alice (Shepis) after a gratuitous shower scene and keeps her alive because she begs well. He'll massacre a bunch of scantily clad coeds in a sorority house, campers, cheerleaders, hot tub babes, and more high school beauties (yes, they have them in Massachusetts). In a humiliating move, Fox is taken off the case.
Enter young detective Steve Ryan (Branden Stumpf). Oh yes...also enter Mary Goodwin (Rochon), a 400 year old witch..she still lives in Salem. She's sultry, but 400 years ago Massachusetts had babes...before they burnt them all...okay, sorry. The nubile are tortured, humiliated, and ripped apart usually after gratuitous scenes exposing much flesh. Steve begs Jack to join him to catch the killer. He finally agrees, but the babes (probably actresses imported from other states) keep getting ripped apart after torture. Then there's Mary the witch, even after 400 years, still has it. Exactly what is she still doing in Salem?
Will this new killer who gets off on being begged make a mistake? Will Jack's expertise help Steve crack the case? Does Mary have any surprises for 21st century Massachusetts, just like she did for 17th century Massachusetts? This is a gory and gratuitous one. You'll never be more than a minute away from a vicious scene of torture and murder or a nubile babe in some form of undress. For a film that will tickle your prurient interests, and also give you that ever inspiring sorority house massacre, see "Beg," directed by Kevin MacDonald.

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  1. What a great review, you really should stop promoting those Mashacuttes babes!