Monday, March 12, 2018

Tokyo Gore Police, Sultry Policewoman vs. Monsters

The sultry Japanese actress Eihi Shiina has made quite an impression on this blog. She has appeared in some of the goriest films included here. Last October Audition was featured. In that very uncomfortable film, Ms. Shiina dissects her male lovers. She also appeared in Helldriver , which I reviewed in 2014, a film which...well...its gory! Today we look at 2008's "Tokyo Gore Police" in which Ms. Shiina plays a very beautiful Tokyo policewoman charged with tracking down genetically engineered monsters. Unlike "Audition," Ms. Shiina's victims all deserve to be pureed in this one.
Many years ago Ruka (Shiina) watched her policeman dad get his head blown she is all grown up, and a policewoman. The Tokyo Police have been privatized and an elite unit, which Ruka belongs, is charged with hunting "engineers." Engineers? A mad-scientist has injected genes of evil men into schmucks to make them evil killing machines. Here's the good part...when one of these engineers is wounded, they grow a deadly weapon out of their wound. For example, when a guy is castrated, after the spurting blood ceases, a machine-gun grows out of the groin. For females...when one prostitute is turned, her...well...her you know...turns into an alligator head...chomp chomp!
Ruka hunts these creeps very well and at the same time looks for her dad's killer. What do these two quests have in common? You'll see.
But wait! The evil force behind the engineers has special plans for Ruka. As a fellow with no scalp and a battleship turret in its place hunt our sultry policewoman, Ruka and her sword decrease the engineer population. Betrayal and heartbreak torment Ruka as her zeal for revenge increases. Appendages are severed and fly through the air, weird gizmos replace them, and the blood spurts endlessly, a most gory final confrontation awaits.
Why was Ruka's father killed, and by who? What devious plan does the evil geneticist have for our sultry policewoman? Is "Tokyo Gore Police" a warning to the Japanese people against the evils of privatization of government services? Be ready to turn your head as the gore is thrown at you continuously. For my Japanese friends...if Sony or Honda take over the police force, you will be well served just to submit. Enjoy "Tokyo Gore Police," directed by Yoshihiro Nishimura.


  1. I seen this one and enjoyed it. Great review! Watching Jessica Jones season 2 now.

  2. Great review Christopher & I quite liked this one along with Machine Girl but preferred TGP, some of its scenes were quite jaw dropping. Very nice review again mate & will totally second your rec.