Friday, March 2, 2018

The Vampire of the Opera, Nubile Dancers in Great Peril

Picture it!  A couple dozen sultry dancers clad in revealing togas, short nighties, or see-through lingerie. They must dance and dance hard. In a maddening cadence our beauties contort and pulsate to heavy music. Bare legs kick high, and cleavage is thrust violently at the camera. If they stop, a bevy of vampire babes will devour them. The dancers are driven mad by the music and their erotic dance moves. Nymphomaniac and lesbian tendencies creep in to the madness. The equally scantily clad vampire babes are hungry and won't be denied.  Okay, let us take a look at an Italian film from 1964, "The Vampire of the Opera" (aka "L' Orgie Des Vampires").
The very buxon Julia (Barbara Howards) runs through an old theater pursued by the vampire Stefano (Giuseppe Addebbati). Clad in only a see through negligee, this beauty will be chased down in a puddle of water and bit by the fiend. Wake up! Yes, only a nightmare. Waking up screaming, Julia is comforted by fellow scantily clad, nubile actress/dancers. Uh oh, this theater group arrives at their theater, and it is the same one in Julia's dreams. See, Julia may be the reincarnation of Laura, the lover of Stefano the vampire. Stefano loves her and has also sworn bloody revenge on his former lover.
As Julia falls deeper into Stefano's spell, the gals start acting strangely. Rosanna will make out with some guys, some fellow actresses, the vampire, and the bevy of vampire brides. Other beauties will turn lesbian and make out with each other. The closer Julia becomes to taking the role of Laura, our gals only act out more. As Julia's peril increases, empowering Stefano, the vixens must dance continuously or be drained of their blood. Still under Stefano's spell, Julia attempts to save her friends, but the spell may turn her against these babes.
The dance numbers are intense and the music is loud and hypnotizing.  The toothy menace rushes towards the necks of actresses like a doberman to a lamb chop.  Will Julia save her nubile buddies? Will Rosanna and Julia engage in an erotic make-out/cat-fight romp? Will any of the guys in this film do anything remotely significant? Quite erotic and violent, "The Vampire of the Opera" will send anyone who watches it to the showers. Directed by Renato Polselli, this film is gratuitous times ten.

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