Tuesday, March 6, 2018

Savage, Bigfoot and Forest Fires

Anna Enger is a stunning young actress. Her lineage, half Norwegian and half Filipino is an exotic combo that may remind some of Natassia Malthe (half Norwegian and half Malaysian). Sadly, in many of Ms. Malthe's films she meets tortuous demises, and in 2011's "Savage" we are pulling for Ms. Enger to survive. To survive, Ms. Enger will have to dodge forest fires and an angry Bigfoot. Throw in a Quint like hunter, an abusive husband, and an older version of Dale Cooper type park ranger, and this film, suitable for the Syfy Channel, has more appeal than one would imagine.
Out of control forest fires have displaced Bigfoot (Jack Harrison) from his natural habitat...and infuriated him. This is bad news for a dozen firefighters looking to preserve the Georgia woods. Bigfoot will go through these firemen like crap through a goose, and also a responding deputy. Enter park ranger Owen (Tony Becker). He loves coffee, even the instant kind. Owen and his wife (Lisa Wilcox) are expecting a baby any day, but Owen heads into the woods to look for the firefighters. Bad timing for the sultry Gabrielle (Enger), as she and her abusive ex-Marine husband arrive and trek deep into the woods. The sizzling newlywed sports signs of abuse and her husband is obviously running from the law. Also enter geek-cryptozoologist Dale (Shane Callahan), who hires crusty old hunter Jack (Martin Kove). Jack has a history, and a bloody one, with Bigfoot.
All these peeps will converge as the forest becomes smaller. Too bad for them...Bigfoot will also arrive. Our moody fiend will not spare anyone, if he can help it. The apparently helpless Gabrielle will have to man-up and she will look great wielding a shotgun. But wait! Is crusty old hunter Jack as capable as he claims? Is the diminutive and helpless Gabrielle as diminutive and helpless as she appears? Will ranger Owen be in more danger from Bigfoot, or from the assorted people he has come into contact with.
Mr. Kove, Mr. Becker, and Ms. Enger do a fine job in this so-so horror film. Their performances make this film a worthwhile take. We can only hope that Ms. Enger's career takes on some similarities to Ms. Malthe's career. Who wouldn't like to see her as a leather-clad vampire vixen? For the weenies out there that find allure in a beautiful woman holding a baguette, this film isn't for you. For real men who like women holding firepower...well, the shotgun wielding Gabrielle will surely please. Fans of Syfy films will love "Savage," as it is so much fun...especially the loud ending.

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