Monday, December 18, 2017

Bloody Birthday, Born Evil

Sex in a graveyard at midnight. Oh, that's a fine idea. If you're a teen, why wouldn't you do that? Just think, 60 years into the future you can brag to your grandchildren (when grandma isn't around, of course) of your sexual conquest.  Heck! Even if you never did it, you can still brag about it. Even better, sex in a freshly dug grave at the cemetery. Yep, you'd be a legend! What could go wrong? Well, if your the sultry Annie (Erica Hope) and the hunk Duke (Ben Morley), you'll be murdered by a trio of fourth graders.  Hence we look at 1981's "Bloody Birthday."
Three babies are born during an eclipse.  Ten years later, this evil trio, awaiting their 11th birthday party begin a homicidal wrath.  Debbie (Elizabeth Hoy), Curtis (Billy Jayne), and Steven (Andrew Freeman) are our psycho kids. The fiends, after slaughtering the aforementioned lovers, murder the sheriff, who just so happens to be Debbie's dad.  The sickeningly sweet kids are pure evil.  Debbie is also very industrious and charges her two friends a quarter to look through a peep-hole at her sister, Beverly (Julie Brown) dancing naked. The shows will eventually end when Debbie fires an arrow through Beverly's eye.
Our trio befriend Timmy (K.C. Martel). Their attempts to murder him are always disrupted, usually by Timmy's hot sister, Joyce (Lori Lethin). How annoying! The kids then set out to murder Joyce, as she keeps getting in their way.  Uh oh, Joyce is on to them, but no one will believe her.  Now our psychos plot, and come up with a fool proof plan to murder Joyce and Timmy.  On the way to their goal, they will murder more nude, great looking teens engaging in pre-marital sex.  Will the beautiful Joyce be able to outsmart her evil foes? Arrows, poison, pistols, spades, and rope will all serve our munchkins well.
With some gore, lots of gratuitous nudity, and taboo murders, writer and director Ed Hunt has put together a fine slasher film.  Shocking in many places, no character here is too big to get cut down by our children.  Available on YouTube, see "Bloody Birthday."


  1. Murderous children...this sounds like B movie heaven already. They're murdering the town? Awesome! Good review, Christopher!

  2. Another film I need to revisit, as killer kid flicks go it wasn't bad although I felt it was a shade tame kill-wise from memory, but I liked it overall. Nice review as always Christopher.

  3. It’s been many years since I last viewed this cult classic.I recall the “kills” being more subtle than those in other slashers of that particular time.However,I actually felt this added to the shock value.
    I have the 88 Films blu ray release,which also includes some nice looking special features,and shall be viewing this soon.
    Yet another great review Christopher!
    💀P💀A💀U💀L💀 ✌🏻💀👍🏻👊🏻

  4. Excellent review of a film I now need to watch! Thanks for introducing me to this one
    Sharon aka @valiumfreak