Sunday, December 24, 2017

The Vampire, Bloodsucking and Addiction

Unlike most of today's Harvey Weinstein corrupted actresses, Coleen Gray seems to have had an uncharacteristic Hollywood history. In addition to being cast in lots of films after being discovered while waiting tables, Ms. Gray testified in front of the U.S. House in favor of prayer in the public schools. This beauty didn't just talk a moral game, she went into prisons and helped preach to hardened convicts. She must have been a sight for sore eyes behind walls and jail-bars, but good looks can be a hindrance if caught in a vampire's radar. Today we look at 1957's "The Vampire."
Dr. Paul Beecher (John Beal) accidentally ingests an experimental serum which proves to be highly addictive. Thinking his pills are treating migraines, Paul finds himself popping them more frequently. Meanwhile, people in his small town are dying. Not all is going bad for Paul, he has just hired Carol (Gray), a new nurse who looks mighty fine in her white uniform. As the deaths continue, police chief Buck Donnelly (Kenneth Tobey) begins to get suspicious. Paul has told him the deaths are heart failure, but whenever two puncture wounds are found on the neck, that natural causes story always flies out the window.
Above suspicion, Paul doesn't have to explain his blackouts, which occur when some of his female patients are drained of their blood. Now completely addicted to his supposed migraine pills, Paul loses sanity and control. Oh no! The lovely Carol begins dating both the police chief and Paul...not at the same time of course...that would be weird...unless Harvey Weinstein was the police chief, of course.  Needing more pills, and more importantly, a woman's blood supply, Paul, now a monster, sets his sights on his new beauty in white.
Will Carol's white nurse's uniform be stained red with her own blood when Paul gets finished with her? Where did those migraine pills come from? Is Carol's  proclivity to date a cop and a doctor at the same time an omen for bloody doom? Ms. Gray is the perfect white-clad damsel in much distress and we do pull for her to survive the toothy menace. Directed by Paul Landres, "The Vampire" is a minor horror film, but lots of fun, nonetheless.


  1. Awesome title and great review man! I watched that movie Bright on Netflix and it had a lot of profanity.

  2. A walk down memory lane & a throwback to those old B movies I watched every Friday night as a kid. Good review!

  3. Love this review & will be watching soon myself!They just don't make 'em like this anymore!