Thursday, December 28, 2017

The Leech Woman, Forever Young and a Cat-Fight

I originally saw 1960's "The Leech Woman" over twenty years ago.  As I recently re-watched this classic, I only remembered this film for two reasons.  First, it was a lot like The Wasp Woman . Second, and more importantly, that cat-fight.  One of the greatest cat-fights ever to hit the silver screen occurred between the nubile Gloria Talbott ("I Married a Monster from Outer Space") and the sultry Coleen Gray ("The Vampire").  Oh yes, the nubile Ms. Talbott gets the drop on the sultry Ms. Gray as she has a gun. Uh oh...The sultry one has evil in her heart and soon disarms the nubile one and inflicts horrible doom on this darling.  Let us take a more detailed look at "The Leech Woman."
Dr. Paul Talbot (Phillip Terry) and June (Gray) were married many years ago, she was ten years his senior and very hot.  As the years go by, she is...well.. ten years older.  As for Paul, he has a nubile young nurse, Sally (Talbott), who looks great in her white nurse uniform. A mysterious 152 year old hag arrives at Dr. Talbot's office with a tale of a potion that will make the old young again.  Paul and June travel to Africa to find this elixir, and they do find it.  June tries the stuff and is young and sultry again.  Bad news, the potion must mix with a human hormone, and this step will kill the host. Now greedy and fanatical, June uses Paul as the first subject.
Now back in the States, June passes herself off as her niece and seduces Neil (Grant Williams). Because Neil is engaged to the nubile Sally, Sally's fate is tragically determined.  See, June's youth only lasts a short time and she must keep feeding on human hormones to stay young.  Addicted to being young and beautiful, the sultry June kills often. With the slaughter of the nubile Sally, Neil will have to be careful and wise up.
Can June keep killing to feed her beauty?  Is the quest for eternal youth an endeavor that ever meets with success?  Is "The Leech Women" a 1960 foretelling of the fate of modern day actresses that are addicted to Botox and plastic surgery?  "The Leech Woman" is a lot of fun even though the story isn't at all surprising.  B movie grade all the way, enjoy this horror classic which appeared on MST3K.


  1. This was an interesting flick for sure. It seems like a blueprint for people who aspire to wreck marriages. Nubile young nurse steals older boss? Say it isn't so! LOL. Good review.

  2. Bro you're great at writing reviews. I need to get better so I can fill in the description box on YT.