Saturday, December 2, 2017

The Villainess, Hot Asian Chick Wipes Out Korea

Hot Asian chick, clad in a leather jacket and some kinda attitude, using a semi-automatic pistol, a knife, and a rope, kills 54 South the first seven minutes of this film. Merry Christmas! From 2017 we take a peek "The Villainess." A love story, really. Don't fret, if you thought that opening scene was cool, the closing scene is similar, except an axe instead of a gun, and a leather body suit instead of just a jacket.
Sook-hee (Ok-bin Kim) is an assassin. From the aforementioned opening scene, we see that she is a really good one. Uh oh, after that carnage she is arrested as a mess of cops arrive...or are they cops? They aren't! Nope, they are from The Agency. Who is The Agency?! They break her like a cowboy does a bronco and then fine tune her. Sook-hee is taught to act, cook, sew, and even has a child. Now she's ready. The Agency will implant her in society as a single mom, actress. Once a week or so she will be asked to assassinate various peeps who probably deserve what they get.
Sook-hee is very valuable to The Agency and they send in their best man, Joong-rang (Ha-kyun Shin) to fall in love with her and marry her. The vulnerable killer falls for this and has no clue her new beau is also a trained assassin working for The Agency. Uh oh...Joon-rang really does fall for her. They do make a cute couple even though Sook-hee has to fake going to the restroom all the time in order to assassinate various schmucks. I have not mentioned the back story, and I won't, but it bubbles up in this story and threatens Sook-hee's new life as a wife and mother. Explosions, gunfights, knife-fights, and bloody car chases then take center stage as we are left questioning just who are the bad guys.
I know this all sounds kind of confusing, but I really didn't want to deliver too many spoilers by giving more of the plot. This is a wild one and the final scene is an orgasmic voyage into carnage and bloody revenge. Our sultry villainess (or should I say heroine?) will kill about a hundred Koreans before the final credits roll. The blood will spurt, severed limbs will fly, and lots of stuff will be blown up in the heartwarming tale of romance and death. For a tender Christmas film, watch "The Villainess," directed by Byung-gil Jung.


  1. Yep.La Femme Nikita meets It's A Wonderful Life Korean style. Nothing says Happy Holidays like 50 plus kills in skin tight leather. Good review, Christopher!

  2. This sounds like John Woo on 'Shrooms lol. Nice review Christopher & thanks for the heads up on it, added to my watchlist.