Friday, November 10, 2017

The Red Queen Kills Seven Times, Italian Beauties Horribly Murdered

For the sake of the very beautiful Barbara Bouchet (see my review of Don't Torture a Duckling ) let us hope the evil Red Queen doesn't make it to seven. Today we take a look at 1972's Italian horror film "The Red Queen Kills Seven Times." Yes, a 1970s Italian horror film and all its accouterments including lots of nymphomaniac nubile babes who die horribly. In addition to Ms. Bouchet as a damsel in much distress, fans of this blog will love Sybil Danning as a bisexual fashion model who is into threesomes.
The poor Wildenbruck clan...cursed for generations. Every hundred years a mysterious woman in red appears at their castle and kills seven of their family members. 1972 is here and the evil queen is due to make an appearance. Just who is this fiend? The very beautiful, and often nude, Kitty (Bouchet) is a fashion photographer. A few years ago she accidentally killed her sister Evelyn. To avoid embarrassment, the nubile Kitty hid Evelyn's corpse and told everyone she left for America. Guess what...she may be back. Evelyn apparently has returned, adorned in a red cape, and begins slicing up people in Kitty's social circles. Many sultry fashion models will get it.
The cops aren't into the supernatural and ghosts and begin looking at suspects. Everyone has motives and everyone is suspect. Kitty is having an affair with the GM of the modeling firm, Martin (Ugo Pagliai). Uh oh, Martin's wife is locked in a loony bin and is totally mad...and jealous. Then there is Lulu (Danning). The bisexual model has eyes for Martin and would love Kitty out of the way. Then how about Kitty? Was her killing of her sister really an accident? As more of the beauties die, it is apparent that the Red Queen is saving Kitty for number seven. The Red Queen is busy calling Kitty and she claims to be Evelyn.
Will the Red Queen dispose of Lulu or will Lulu and Kitty end up in a cat fight...or maybe even a shower together? Is Evelyn really dead? Could Kitty be the Red Queen, endeavoring to wipe out all of Martin's potential sexual conquests? The nudity and blood flow freely in this Italian horror yarn. Directed by Emilio Miraglia, if you like your horror erotic, "The Red Queen Kills Seven Times" is for you.  Oh more thing...if you have a fear of rats (rats by the hundreds), you may not want to watch this one.


  1. Sounds like your typical Italian horror flick. If Danning is Sybil Danning, thr Dutch softcore actress, that is all I need to know. I think she did some early Verhoeven flicks. Good review, Christopher.

  2. Very nice review Christopher I really quite like this one although it took me two views to appreciate it (first seen years ago when I didn't appreciate Gialli) and a certain scene involving railings is pretty effective even today.
    Glad you liked this one & would definitely second the rec. :)