Monday, November 6, 2017

Night Cries, A Voyage Into Death

A sultry brunette, clad in a skin tight and skimpy leather outfit, runs through an apocalyptic wasteland, pursued by a zombie-like ghoul. As the monster prepares to ravage her, a mysterious horseman comes to her rescue. Alluring? Yes. Original? Hardly. But wait! You won't believe what comes next. Hence, 2015's "Night Cries." In fact, what does come next is a total curve ball.
However pleasing the above plot line is to us B movie fans, what follows may appear to be just as standard. The horseman, Joseph (Andrew Cymek, who also directs) has just rescued his wife Sarah (Brigitte Kingsley). Uh oh, Sarah has amnesia and doesn't remember Joseph. Now Sarah's protector, Joseph brings her to an abandoned barn for rest and recuperation. As Sarah rests...Caitlyn (Manuela Casinha) enters the plot. Who is Caitlyn?  For one, as soon as Caitlyn appears the viewer utters the words "...what the $#@& is that!" No spoilers here but Caitlyn is a loud indication that this plot isn't as standard as originally thought.
Joseph's quest to find Sarah is actually a bit more complicated than a jaunt through an apocalyptic wasteland.  See, Sarah died. How can that be?  There she is...looking really good in those tight leather pants. The apocalyptic wasteland plot is interspersed with scenes of Joseph in this world that we know and love. With the help of a Catholic priest, some magical voodoo dust, and some homicidal tendencies, our protagonist embarks on a journey into another world. There he must save Sarah from a fate worse than death ( can that be, if she is already dead?). Monsters, evil warlords, and the aforementioned zombie-like ghouls will complicate Joseph's quest. Oh yes...Caitlyn?  Well, you'll see.
A tear-jerker for some, and a wild shoot-em-up good guy saves beautiful damsel horror film for others. Plot twists permeate this film all the way until the closing credits. The acting is fantastic and the action and violence are never-ending. Will the beautiful Sarah find love with a man she was married to in another world? Will the evils that dominate this apocalyptic wasteland allow this film to turn into a love story? Exactly who...or Caitlyn? For a film full of surprises and great looking protagonists, see "Night Cries."


  1. Somewhere in Time meets Hang em High. Interesting genre mix. This might warrant a look see. Good review, Christopher.

  2. Nice review Christopher this sounds quite intriguing and as Susan said an interesting genre mix, will have to check this one out & thanks for the heads up on it, been getting quite a few interesting recs from you lately, much obliged. :)