Saturday, November 4, 2017

The Deathhead Virgin, The Beautiful Never Stay Dead

Coming back from the dead is always a joy in horror films. Not for closure, or love...but for revenge or vengeance! Maybe in one's first life they were beautiful, nubile, and diminutive. All bets are off as soon as one has returned. Perhaps still beautiful, but deadly and ominous usually replace nubile and diminutive.  From The Philippines, and directed by Norman Foster, we look at "The Deathhead Virgin."
Princess Leila
Abducted from her tribe centuries ago, the ravishing Princess Leila (Kim Ramos) is imprisoned and raped on a Spanish Man 'O War.  The ship sinks and all hands and treasure are lost. Enter Frank (Larry Ward), a treasure hunter. While diving he stumbles upon the wreck and finds some of Leila's treasures (which he takes...bad move), and Leila (now a skeleton). Inadvertently, Frank resurrects Leila and the fun begins. Legend has it that Leila will return from the dead and inflict revenge by way of killing and scalping seven virgins.  To assist her in these efforts she possesses Frank.
A possessed Frank
Larry (Jock Gaynor), Frank's partner, arrives. With him is the sultry Maria (Iraida Arambulo). Maria is no virgin, but Leila doesn't know that. Maria will spend most of the film either nude or in a bikini and in great peril. No matter, other nubile babes (who may be virgins) are being strangled and scalped and the local police are on the case.  As Frank falls deeper under Leila's spell, Larry and Maria are put into harms way.  As Larry learns of the legend, he and Frank dive on the wreck one more time (a bad idea).  What follows are some major plot twists and surprises. Oh yeah, did I mention Leila is nude throughout the film except for an ugly mask. The legend also states that anyone looking into Leila's face will die immediately.
No spoilers here, she's one of the plot twists
Are there enough virgins on Filipino beaches in order for Leila to fulfill the ancient curse? Will we see Leila's face, and if so,  will it be as beautiful as her body from the neck down? Despite not being a virgin, will we see Maria and Leila in an elongated cat-fight? These important questions and some out-of-left-field twists await you while watching "The Deathhead Virgin." For some good scalping carnage and undersea intrigue, catch this ghost/horror film. 


  1. So, this sounds like MST3k material. Ripe for running commentary.Good review, Christopher.

  2. wow...I've never heard of this one... but it sounds like it could be pretty fun I'll have to check this one out some time lol

  3. Never heard of this one Christopher, but the mere title alone sells it to me as it being from The Philippines as I've only recently started exploring their stuff more, sweet review mate & thanks for the heads up on it. :D

  4. Add me to the list haven't heard of this one Christopher. But from your review I must make amends! Thank you bud!

  5. That's nice of Leila to leave the sluts alone!