Thursday, June 15, 2017

The Kiss of the Vampire, Blood Sucking Honeymoon

A Hammer Films vampire tale! No, not a Christopher Lee one. No Dracula and no Van Helsing in this one. Steaks through the heart? Not here. 1963's "The Kiss of the Vampire" is just a little different than most Hammer vampire films. Don't panic. We still have a ravishing damsel in much distress and a very charming and exotic vampire in an old castle. In fact, we have lots of handsome vampires and their very stunning vampire brides. Oh yes...bats! Oh, you'll love the bat carnage in this one.
Marianne gets dolled up for party
Honeymooners Gerald (Edward de Souza) and Marianne (Jennifer Daniel) break down on a remote country road. I guess the beach wasn't an exotic enough location for their honeymoon. The lovebirds check into the town's only inn, They are the only guests as vampires have pretty much scared everyone away. The gentlemanly Dr. Ravna (Noel Willman) is quite taken by Marianne's beauty and invites the newlyweds to his castle for dinner. Dr. Ravna charms them and has his vampire son, Carl (Barry Warren) performs his piano compositions for them. Marianne is almost hypnotized by the scores. Still trapped at the inn Gerald and Marianne accept an invite to Dr. Ravna's castle for a large gala.  The vampires are excited about these two as Dr. Ravna plans on changing Marianne at the party and his two babe vampire daughters, Tania (Isobel Black) and Sabena (Jacquie Wallis) will distract Gerald.
Gerald becomes Tania's dinner
The plan goes flawlessly and Gerald awakes back at his hotel. Only the weird Professor Zimmer (Clifford Evans) is willing to help Gerald get his wife back. Zimmer's daughter was turned by Ravna many years ago and he has put together quite a plan to destroy his nemesis. As Gerald is content on charging the castle, which he does, Zimmer's plan is probably wiser, but has so many moving parts. As the beautiful Marianne falls further under Ravna's control, Gerald and Zimmer act.
Zimmer confronts Tania
Exactly what is Zimmer's plan to rid Europe of vampires? Will Gerald get Marianne back from the charming, but deadly, Ravna? If our newlyweds survive will they consult a travel agent for their next vacation? The final scenes are ambitious and carnage-filled. Directed by Don Sharp, "The Kiss of the Vampire" is a visually pleasing Hammer vampire film.


  1. Good review, Christopher. I remember the Hammer films were always sumptuously shot. There wasn't any overt sexiness in them but they know how to deliver to raise the core temperature. Sounds like a fun little frolic!

  2. The things you suddenly think of after 40+ years of watching Hammer vampire flicks: Those guys were fairly low budget, but I hope they had enough so each actor in a vampire role had their own fake teeth...

  3. Love this film, total classic. So well shot and acted, great review Chris!