Thursday, June 8, 2017

Bloody Origin, Evil's Beginnings

Before I retired as an FBI agent, I often visited the little known Evil Minds Museum. This museum was located in the basement of the FBI Academy in Quantico, Virginia. Maintained by the Behavioral Science Unit, this vessel of evil displays is closed to the public. Haunting and vicious are the displays which feature the artwork, possessions, letters, and other correspondences of serial killers such as John Wayne Gacy, Dennis Rader, and the Green River Killer to name just a few. These monsters are of the same species as you and I, but obviously have been tempered and molded in such a way that very little about them seems human. Tapping into this alien mindset,  Andrea Merchak did a fantastic job at defining who these devils are and what motivates them in her book Bloody Legends .
Bloody Legends tells the story of a serial killer, and it is extreme horror times ten. Now, Ms. Merchak has published a prequel to that tale, "Bloody Origin." The monster that kills dozens, maybe hundreds, of good people in "Bloody Legends" had a beginning. Believe it or not, the incarnation of evil and gore was actually a child once. He had parents, privilege, and most of all....opportunity. The beast in "Bloody Legends" was just as evil as a boy.  No spoilers, but Ms. Merchak tells the story of a serial killer's childhood, upbringing, and evolution.
Though Ms. Merchak's serial killer slays hordes of people in his adulthood (read Bloody Legends), this prequel is blood-spattering gory as well. Everything about the young boy coming of age in "Bloody Origin" drips of evil and blood.  His thoughts, perceptions, fantasies, and his ultimate actions lead to slashed arteries, disembowelment, and a promise for the slaying of hundreds more. This prequel will be unsettling, as was "Bloody Legends." The evil are indeed among us, Ms. Merchak is correct about that, and they are opportunists.  As society increasingly protects the evil and ill-willed, perhaps Ms. Merchak's works should be taken as a warning.
A prequel to ""Bloody Legends" and a step away from extreme horror, "Bloody Origin" sets up the most deadly and vicious story you will ever read. A word of warning, a sequel to "Bloody Legends" will follow, and our killer won't be as mannered as he is in these first two stories. Ominous in nature and psychologically accurate, as far as psychopaths go, "Bloody Origin" is a story you won't be able to look away from...much like an accident with lots of bloodied corpses.
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  1. Thanks very much for this review Christopher, this sounds very intriguing. I also wish to thank you for your insights as a former Special Agent.
    There is a disturbing trend in what I would consider false conviction chic or innocence fraud, where convicted murderers, rapists and child sexual abusers howl innocence, despite very compelling and in some cases overwhelming evidence for guilt. They have an army of supporters who reject the established facts of courts of law, while never specifying how they erred and who lionize and martyr their icons in the court of public opinion, while their victims- true innocents, who simply had the misfortune to encounter very bad people who brutally and callously snuffed out their lives for ultimately banal, whimsical predatory reasons- are at best forgotten about, relegated to the sidelines, reduced to a saga or at worst even denigrated, their grieving families subjected to repugnant online attacks.
    I find such things obscene with potentially very serious implications for society when emotive fraudulent narratives can create pressure that may possibly influence courts, unleashing factually guilty offenders onto society.
    I find it immoral to be aware of the facts and truth but not stand up for it in the face of falsehoods and such despicable online attacks and victim apathy.
    However deciding to refute such a phenomenon can be draining and at times you just wanna quit.
    Your opening insights in your excellent review has helped strengthen my resolve to continue and for that I sincerely thank you mate.
    Apologies for the length of my post but I very much appreciate your insights.