Saturday, June 17, 2017

Parallel, If you meet yourself...RUN!!!

Have you ever looked in a mirror and hated what you saw? Hence 2016's "Parallel." Do you remember that very deep scifi hit from 1969, "Journey to the Far Side of the Sun"? Terrific film that left you wanting more explanation as it abruptly ended.  Well "Parallel" is that elaboration. A word of warning, however, as many unanswered questions that are answered, this film may leave you with many more deeper queries. However fascinating the possibility of alternate universes are, perhaps this film is more about the potential of our own souls to sink to nefarious depths or rise to goodness, and what may trigger that voyage.
Aren't they cute?
Oh so cute! Neil (David Magowan) and Heather (Faye Sewell) meet at a party. The vulnerable Heather lets her guard down and the insecure but determined Neil hones in. The two bond and soon they move in together and engage in pre-marital sex. Uh oh...heaven forbid the lovebirds leave well-enough alone as they meet a strange but alluring old man in the park. Michalis (Brian Carter) is a medium, and guess what his gig is. futures and no mind-reading. He can take you into a parallel existence and show you what you are up to in that alternate universe. Neil is skeptical but Heather is game.
You don't want to know what Heather is about to do.
Let us stop short of spoilers, but the other side is quite similar and quite different. The safe and satisfied Heather finds that her behavior, plight, and decision-making on the other side is colorful and say the least. Neil eventually dabbles in this alternate universe and what he discovers about himself'll see. Guess what happens when our Romeo and Juliet see a side of themselves that might be possible but for different circumstances.  It won't be all seashells and balloons as both undergo major angst at who they could become. Are they repulsed?  Curious? Jealous of their twins?  You will gasp at the plight of these two (...or should I say these four).
Michalis takes them on a journey
Is Michalis legitimate or a skilled con-man? Is Heather's desire to see her alternate-self merely an admission of dissatisfaction with her safe existence? Shocking and thought provoking, "Parallel" will have you question your own psyche. I are a good person...but is that written in stone? Or, are you merely a fiend just waiting for the opportunity to break out of your conformist shell? I know, we all have a dark side as Alexander Cooper (who acts and produces this film) reminds me. Most of us keep that dark side hidden, to some degree, but given the opportunity to set it free...would you? You'll be thinking about "Parallel" long after the end credits roll, and not all of that thought will be comfortable. See "Parallel," (directed by Ieva Makselyte) a terrific and provocative thriller.

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  1. I want to see this as I am interested in this possibility like so many string theorists. This sounds like a film I would love. I also love the sci-fi classic you mentioned with Roy Thinnes. Nice review, Christopher.