Saturday, June 3, 2017

Hell Comes to Frogtown, Dance of the Three Snakes

What is 'The Dance of the Three Snakes'? Lets just say that in an apocalyptic wasteland after several nuclear wars, the mutants that grew out of a radioactive ooze are well endowed in the tally-whacker department.  The sultry and long legged Sandahl Bergman will be put in much peril to be violated by the multiple appendages in 1988's "Hell Comes to Frogtown." As the beautiful blonde arouses the mutants, can the incomparable Roddy Piper save her?
Sam and Spangle
After nuclear war, Sam Hell (Piper) is a rare commodity...he's potent.  The government commandeers him to impregnate fertile women and assign him to the very tough Spangle (Bergman). First things first as the mutant frogs have kidnapped a bunch of beautiful women and dragged them to the Frogtown reservation to be love-toys for the frog king, Toty (Brian Frank). Spangle straps an explosive chastity belt on Sam forcing him to accompany her on the rescue mission.  Spangle has a plan but on the way to Frogtown develops a sexual attraction to Sam's potency. The leggy officer gets a bit jealous when they find a fertile woman and Sam plies his trade on her while Spangle longingly watches.
Spangle doing the Dance of the Three Snakes
Spangle enacts her plan as she dons leather undies and a dog collar and allows Sam to lead her into Frogtown on a leash. Sam will masquerade as a trader looking to sell Spangle to Toty, thereby finding the location of the harem.  Uh oh, Toty is one step ahead of them and knocks out Sam and takes Spangle. The frog king has his harem of vixens arouse Spangle so she can perform the aforementioned 'Dance of the Three Snakes.' Thinking of Sam's potency, Spangle performs the dance arousing all three of Toty's tally-whackers. As the mutant king advances on the nubile Spangle, Sam grabs a shotgun and seeks to rescue his woman...and the harem.
Mutant frog men
What rewards wait for Sam if he is able to rescue Spangle and the harem? Where does Toty plan to plant each of the tally-whackers if he is able to pin down Spangle? Are the mutant frog creatures a metaphor for the deterioration of chivalry and manners in modern society? This is a fun one and Sandahl Bergman, and her dancing abilities, shine...usually in some state of undress.  As for Roddy Piper? Well, let's just say it is always good to see Roddy Piper! For some mutant arousal, enjoy "Hell Comes to Frogtown."


  1. Rowdy Roddy. Thanks, Christopher! Now, my dreams will be haunted with his potency & a frog triply endowed. Good review. I imagine I would find this delightful.

  2. Awesome film, Rowdy is famous for They Live but Hell Comes to Frogtown was really cool.

  3. Wow, I really have got to watch this one, everyone tells me i'd like it, after reading this I really wanna check it out haha, great review ^_^