Thursday, February 9, 2017

The Blood Drinkers, Vampire in the Philippines

It wasn't called color-rama, but it should have been.  The film technique where a red filter is used every time a vampire has feeding on his mind.  Perhaps the "Underworld" franchise was wise to discard that technique, but for 1964's "The Blood Drinkers," color-rama flourished.  Made in the Philippines, this weird bloodsucker film, despite being quirky and experimental, is still a classic vampire themed horror story.
Marco and Katrina
Marco (Ronald Remy) is a sad vampire.  He has a voluptuous vampire bride, Tanya (Eva Montes), but of course, one is never enough.  Lying in repose is Katrina, on the brink of death.  Marco wants this beautiful blonde Filipino babe as his main bride.  One might imagine this will cause some friction with the sultry Tanya later in the film.  To keep Katrina alive, Marco attacks and absconds with the blood of young women in order to feed her..  He needs to go further.  Marco must surgically take the heart of Katrina's sister, Charito (both played by Amalia Fuentes).  The brunette has no idea that her sister Katrina exists.
  Thanks to a vampire bat named Basra, Marco puts Charito under his spell.  Fortunately for Charito, the handsome hunk, Victor (Eddie Fernandez) has fallen in love with her.  Victor carries a gun and fights well.  As Victor is engaged with Marco's ghouls, Marco makes his move for Charito.  Marco has ghouls, vampire babes, and bats to help him.  Charito has Victor, the church, and eventually the police.  When the screen turns a shade of red, beware!  That means Marco is coming for blood.  Who will prevail?
Tanya and Katrina
Will Marco cut out Charito's heart and give it to Katrina?  Will Tanya put up with any of this nonsense?  Will Victor ever  figure out he needs to trade his gun in for a wooden stake?  Remember, wooden stakes don't kill people, vampires do (, or something like that).  Weird in plot and in cinematic technique, "The Blood Drinkers" (aka "Blood is the Color of Night") is available on COLOR-RAMA!!!

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