Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Bleeder, Death of the Rock Cats

They're beautiful. They're blonde. They wear tight satin pants, high-heeled boots and leopard print tops. They will make you forget about ABBA and Roxette.  The Swedish all-girl band Rock Cats! Uh oh, these damsels will be put in great distress and might not survive a Swedish slasher.  Today we peek at a slasher film from Sweden, 1983's "The Bleeder" (aka "Blodaren").
On their way to their next gig, the bus carrying the Rock Cats breaks down in a Swedish forest.  In costume, as mentioned above, and carrying guitars, they seek a nearby village.'s a ghost town inhabited by the bleeder.  This unfortunate insaniac has a blood condition that causes blood to constantly drip from his eyes.  His backstory?  It's a gruesome one. This fiend loves pretty women, and the Rock Cats send his hormones off the chart.  Unbeknownst to our babes, the bleeder begins following them through the ghost town.  Maria (Maria Landberg) will stray off the path and...well...take a gander at the below picture. Eva (Eva Danielsson) will be next, and to her dismay, the bleeder plays with her before offing her.
As a benign wilderness officer (Danne Strahed) gets word of the psycho, he heads to the ghost town. In the mean time Axet (Sussi Ax), Mia (Mia Hanssen), and Nulle (Agneta Ohlund) will have a difficult time, in their heels and tight pants, eluding our fiend. Does the bleeder want to kill all the babes?  Well, the opening scene of the film suggests he has something more nefarious, and perverted in mind.
The gals are very pretty and we pull for them, though our affection for them will be futile. Who among the Rock Cats will be the final girl?  Does the bleeder desire to be the breeder?  Will the resurgence of this film revive the popularity of Swedish all-girl bands?  Are the Rock Cats a cheap Swedish rip-off of Shonen Knife?  This film inspires so many deep questions, but just enjoy this as a slasher chases babes film from the 1980s.

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