Monday, February 13, 2017

Iced, A Naked Wednesday

She's all grown up!  America's favorite macabre kiddo...Wednesday (Lisa Loring) from the 1960's hit show, "The Addams Family."  In 1988's "Iced," Lisa Loring delivers a mostly nude and very bouncy performance before meeting an icy demise...also in the nude.  Like skinny dipping, nude romps in hot-tubs are never survived.  In this slasher film, set at a ski resort, will anyone survive?
Jeff (Dan Smith) is fresh out of a lunatic asylum.  I guess we can all relate to that...there are those voices again!  At a ski week-end with his buds, he tries to make advances on the lovely Trina (Debra De Liso).  Go figure, Trina is into sane men and rejects Jeff for the hunk Cory (Doug Stevenson). This leads to the unbalanced Jeff hitting the ski slopes in rage and getting himself killed....or so it seems.  Now, four years later, all these friends are lured back to this resort by a property company.
Now Cory and Trina are married.  Jeanette (Loring) is on the outs with her boyfriend, who was mowed down by a snow plow in an earlier scene.  Diane (Elizabeth Gorcey) and John (John C. Cooke) are also married (unfortunately, they are pictured above).  Oh yes, Carl (Ron Kologie) is a rich coke-head.  Uh oh, subtle clues are scattered through the ski chalet that indicate Jeff may not be dead.  The very handsome real estate guy arrives, Alex (Joseph Alan Johnson).  Alex informs our gang that Jeff was sent an invitation and accepted.  How can that be, unless he's not dead.  This sends our party into panic mode.  On cue, they start dying horrible deaths.  Icicles, bear-traps, a knife, and an outdoor heater are all used to dispatch these peeps.
As the lovely Trina, without pants, is chased through the snow, someone (...could it be Jeff?) has extra special plans for her.  Is anyone left alive who could help this half nude damsel?  Could Jeff have survived his death four years ago?  Does the frigid setting of a Utah ski resort have any bonuses for slasher film fans during the plethora of gratuitous nude scenes?  For some winter fun, and some nice kills, see "Iced" (aka "Blizzard of Blood").


  1. Do you know where I can find a better copy of this? All I've got is one I've downloaded from YouTube and it is obviously from a VHS, and not a very good one at that. I'll eventually write my review on this one too, but it's pretty much the only thing that saved this movie from getting a finger was Lisa Loring getting naked in the hot tub.

  2. thank you Christopher, I will need to see this in the future. Lisa Loring.... interesting :-)

  3. This was begging to be made, ski resorts attracts the loons, that's a fact